Royal Wulff Dry Fly

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When it comes to bushy attractor flies that catch fish, the Royal Wulff Dry Fly is a tough one to beat. Designed by Lee Wulff in the late 1920s, the Royal Wulff Dry Fly came as a means to make the Royal Coachmen Dry Fly more conducive to fishing swift currents while still maintaining its bold appearance--in came the calf hair wings that Lee is so famous for and a moose tail, and the Royal Wulff was created. The Royal Wulff is an attractor fly that doesn’t imitate any specific insect, yet fish find it irresistible, and this fly has caught everything from large salmon to small panfish.


A fly that’s equally as elegant as it is fishy, the Royal Wulff combines a striking peacock herl and floss body with some buoyant calf hair wings and brown hackle that float this fly like a cork. With such a buoyant construction, the Royal Wulff is the perfect choice for fast currents or those times when you want to drop a nymph off of your dry fly. A solid choice whether you’re exploring small blue lines in the Great Smokies or hitting the Deschutes River in early summer, the Royal Wulff is an attractor that you can fish with confidence no matter where you end up.


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