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The Tropical Outbound Short is a line built for anglers targeting the largest fish with the largest flies in tropical environments. The short, aggressive front taper that’s built 1.5 sizes heavy allows anglers to turn over heavy flies with ease and shoot line at long distances efficiently. This is a highly technical line that should be used in limited applications but provides excellent performance for anglers throwing large streamers. If you’re looking for a similar line built for cold water applications, check out the RIO InTouch Outbound Short for all of your Striper, Pike/Musky, and Bass needs.



Extreme Slickness - RIO has built a few features into this fly line that enhance performance in some important ways. Extreme Slickness is RIO’s chemistry formulation that creates an ultra-slick line with dirt-repelling properties so your fly line shoots really well and lasts throughout years of use. The Dualtone fly line construction marks the sweet spot of the line by providing an obvious color change in the line so you are always aware of how much line is out. Loops at both ends of the fly line also make a backing and leader attachment really easy so you can spend more time fishing and less time rigging your line.



Big Flies, Shooting-Style Line - RIO designed this line to cast the largest flies at the longest distances even in windy conditions. A short, aggressive front taper means this line turns over big flies really well and loads fast action, high-performance fly rods well at close range. This line comes in a wide range of densities including floating, intermediate, and different sink rates. This is one of the best tropical big-fly lines in the industry.



Warm/Tropical - The tropical version of RIO’s Outbound Short is designed to be fished in hot climates. According to RIO, this line works best in temperatures that are between 75 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This means the line won’t get sticky when coiled on a boat deck in hot weather or during long days in tropical climates. That being said, it’ll shrivel in colder weather and won’t cast/shoot as well.



Short, Aggressive Taper, Built 1.5 Sizes Heavy - The taper on the WF8F version of the Tropical Outbound Short has a 30’ head that’s built 1.5 sizes heavy. This isn’t an all-around, versatile line. Because it’s so heavy, it’s not a great line to carry in the air and is really designed for turning over big flies with a shooting-style cast. This is a great line to pick up off of the water quickly and shoot long distances. Its heavy head and aggressive taper also make it a great boat line.


More Info

Best for: Streamers, Long Distance


Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating AND Sinking Models Available


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF10F100ft 30.5m425gr 27.5gm30ft 9.1mFloatingDark Olive/Ivory$99.99
WF10F/I100ft 30.5m425gr 27.5gm30ft 9.1mIntermediate15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass$99.99
WF10F/I100ft 30.5m425gr 27.5gm30ft 9.1mIntermediateClear Tip/Blue/Ivory$99.99
WF10I/S6100ft 30.5m30ft (9.1m)6.0 ipsBlack/Gray$99.99
WF11F100ft 30.5m465gr 30.1gm30ft 9.1mFloatingDark Olive/Ivory$99.99
WF11F/I100ft 30.5m465gr 30.1gm30ft 9.1mIntermediateClear Tip/Blue/Ivory$99.99
WF12F100ft 30.5m510gr 33.1gm30ft 9.1mFloatingDark Olive/Ivory$99.99
WF12F/I100ft 30.5m510gr 33.1gm30ft 9.1mIntermediateClear Tip/Blue/Ivory$99.99
WF8F100ft 30.5m330gr 21.4gm30ft 9.1mFloatingDark Olive/Ivory$99.99
WF8F/I100ft 30.5m330gr 21.4gm30ft 9.1mIntermediate15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass$99.99
WF8F/I100ft 30.5m330gr 21.4gm30ft 9.1mIntermediateClear Tip/Blue/Ivory$99.99
WF8I/S6100ft 30.5m30ft (9.1m)6.0 ipsBlack/Gray$99.99
WF9F100ft 30.5m375gr 24.3gm30ft 9.1mFloatingDark Olive/Ivory$99.99
WF9F/I100ft 30.5m375gr 24.3gm30ft 9.1mIntermediate15ft Clear Tip/Sand/Sea Grass$99.99
WF9F/I100ft 30.5m375gr 24.3gm30ft 9.1mIntermediateClear Tip/Blue/Ivory$99.99
WF9I/S6100ft 30.5m30ft (9.1m)6.0 ipsBlack/Gray$99.99
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