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RIO has several freshwater trout-specific fly lines made for a variety of different situations. RIO Technical Trout Elite is made specifically for anglers who prioritize accuracy and distance when fishing dry flies. An extended line taper means this line is easy to carry in the air and ConnectCore Plus technology means it’s ultra-sensitive and highly durable. This line can be partnered with a variety of fly rods and features dry fly versatility at its core. If you’re a dry fly fanatic or need a line that will give you an edge over picky trout in a tailwater or large river setting, this is one of the best lines on the market.



SlickCast, MaxFloat, ConnectCore Plus - SlickCast is RIO’s hydrophobic fly line coating that helps this line repel water, shoot farther, and float higher. RIO has also added a special coating to the tip of the line that helps RIO Technical Trout Elite sit high in the water column for improved performance. ConnectCore Plus minimizes line stretch for ultimate sensitivity, control, and hook setting abilities.



Delicate Presentations, Small Flies, Long Distances - RIO built this line for the serious tailwater and big water angler who needs to deliver small flies on target at medium and long distances. This is a great line for New Zealand, Western tailwaters in the US, and finicky fish. If you can’t get close to that sipping trout, let RIO Technical Trout Elite do the work for you. Plus, this line has features that increase hookup success at long distances like ConnectCore Plus Tech. Overall, a superb line for technical dry fly fishing in a variety of scenarios around the world.



Cold/Moderate - This line is made to be used in cold and moderate climates including freshwater streams and rivers, lakes, and almost any climate. That being said, this line will turn limp in tropical climates and isn’t meant to be used in high heat.



Long Front Taper, Extended Head and Back Taper - The taper of this line is built to carry small flies in the air and to encourage accuracy at distance. With an overall head length of 52’ on the WF5F version of the line, the extended taper is light and encourages superb loop stability. The first 30ft of the taper is true to line size which contributes to the line’s ability to make delicate presentations at longer distances. This is truly a taper for small flies, carrying a lot of line in the air, and making long-distance casts.


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Dry Flies


Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF3F80ft150gr45ftFloatingSky Blue/Peach/Gray$129.99
WF4F90ft190gr49ftFloatingSky Blue/Peach/Gray$129.99
WF5F90ft230gr52ftFloatingSky Blue/Peach/Gray$129.99
WF6F90ft265gr54ftFloatingSky Blue/Peach/Gray$129.99
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