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Tarpon are one of the toughest customers on the flats, and the more pressure they get, the tougher it is to convert them into a hookup. Designed for heavily-pressured fish in clear water, Rio works to make those tough days that much easier with their Premier Tarpon Clear Tip Fly Line. A fully floating line with a mid-length head and short yet powerful front taper, the Premier Tarpon Clear Tip Floater provides excellent versatility in the distance of your cast–need to make a long 80-footer to a cruising pod? It’s got you covered. Need to make a fast shot just off of the bow of the skiff? This line does it with ease. Not only does the Tarpon Clear Tip Floater provide ease of casting over a range of distances, but Rio fine-tuned the color scheme in order to be as stealthy as possible. Starting with Rio’s GinClear technology, this floating line has a completely clear 10’ tip that transitions into a subtle seafoam color. What this does is reduces your need for using long, cumbersome leaders while providing just enough color to make it easy for you and your guide to track your line. And to keep your line clean and ready for every shot you get, Rio includes two Fly Line Cleaning Towelettes for that post-lunch-polish before starting the second half of your day. A line outfitted for any day of the tarpon season, you can rely on the Premier Tarpon Clear Tip Floater Fly Line whether you’re poling around the Keys or working those heavily-pressured pods under a bridge.  



DirectCore, and GinClear- With their DirecetCore technology, Rio prevents this line from stretching and makes it on a low-stretch monofilament core. This is an essential component when fishing for tarpon because of their bony mouth that requires a strong strip-set in order to set the hook firmly. Rio’s GinClear technology is worked into this line and it’s a game changer when it comes to tarpon fishing because it gives you a completely clear 10’ tip section. This technology works wonders when fishing over heavily-pressured tarpon, and through a unique resin that’s naturally buoyant, you get consistent floatability every day of the year. 



Streamers, Poppers, and Crustaceans - The Premier Tarpon Clear Tip Floater Line was built with a very versatile tarpon taper. You can turn to this line when casting just about any pattern in your box, and it will lay them down delicately while letting you present them both near and far.     



Tropical - Rio makes their Tarpon Clear Tip Floater Fly Line to fish for tarpon in warm to tropical conditions. If you try and use this line in a colder environment, you’ll quickly notice that it gets stiff. 



Mid-Length Head with a Short and Powerful Front Taper - Designed to remain versatile over a variety of conditions and distances, Rio’s Tarpon Clear Tip Floater has their typical Tarpon Taper. The head on this line is 40.5’ with a compact 6’ front taper, which is ideal for most tarpon situations as it’s long enough to carry line and provide accuracy at long distances while still being short enough to handle those fast-crusing fish or those that come up just next to the boat. A solid taper for pursuing tarpon, this line works to deliver a wide range of different fly sizes and types so that you can give those tough fish exactly what they want. 


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Best for: Tropical water, Tarpon.

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)

Sinking/Floating: Full floating 


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