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Slinging large Beasts off of the rocky coast in Maine or working a shrimp pattern at the mouth of a tidal river in the PNW for searun cutthroats, it doesn’t matter what cold and salty situation you’re in when you’re casting Rio’s all-new Premier Coastal Quickshooter XP (Extra Powerful) Fly Line. A versatile fly line designed for saltwater fishing in cold water, the Premier Coastal Quickshooter features a clear intermediate head with a short and aggressive taper. This design makes it a reliable choice when throwing large air-resistant flies while also providing solid loading at short distances and quick turnover of your line. Made in line weights 8 through 10, you can count on the Premier Coastal Quickshooter XP for a range of different species, and with Rio’s SlickCast technology, you’ll be hitting those faraway targets with finesse. 



SlickCast- Whether you’re casting into a fierce blitz of striped bass and bluefish or just prospecting in the surf at high tide, your cast is one of the most integral parts to success, and that’s exactly why Rio works their SlickCast coating into this series of lines. SlickCast is Rio’s proprietary technology that massively increases your line slickness while massively decreasing your line’s friction. What this does is works to buy you that extra distance while also improving the life of your fly line immensely. 



Streamers and Crustaceans - Rio makes their Premier Coastal Quickshooter XP Fly Line for throwing nearly any sized streamer or crustacean. Whether it’s a Clouser, a large Hollow Fleye, or a small shrimp pattern, you can turn to this line with confidence. 



Cold - Built for cool to coldwater, the Premier Coastal Quickshooter XP Fly Line excels in salty environments that don’t heat up too much. You can think of this line as one that works wonders until around 70 degrees, but once you exceed that limit, you’ll find that your line gets limp. 



More Mass Towards the Front of the Head - The Premier Coastal Quickshooter XP Fly Line was made with a compact and powerful head in order to load your rod well and reduce the effort needed to turn your line and leader over. This is a versatile taper that allows you to present flies of all sizes, and whenever you need to make a quick shot in close, it makes things nice and easy. Rio’s Premier Coastal Quickshooter XP Fly Line is also an excellent choice whenever battling the surf and punching into the wind is necessary.


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Best for: Cold Saltwater, Striped Bass, Bluefish, False Albacore, Searun Cutthroats, Salmon.

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)

Sinking/Floating: Intermediate


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