Rio Powerflex Tippet

A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion-resistance, stretch and suppleness. Available in 8X-.025" Light gray provides superb camouflage Perfect combination of elongation and strength The finest nylon tippet availabletoday

Rio Powerflex Tippet

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Rio Powerflex Tippet Reviews

Solid but Not as Versatile as Fluorocarbon Review by David
Posted on 8/19/15
If you are primarily dry fly fishing, this tippet should meet almost all your needs. However, if you are nymphing, this tippet is a less suitable. It is prone to more abrasion and break-offs than fluorocarbon. For the price, you can't beat it for dry fly fishing. But if you nymph a lot, I would look to fluorocarbon.
One of the Best All-Around Tippets Review by adam
Posted on 11/22/12
Rio Powerflex tippet is my first choice in tippet material. It is a really great product for the money. I have used it as both a leader and tippet depending on the fishing situation. It has better abrasion resistance than standard froghair, climax mono, and cortland mono leader materials for nymphing. It is also supple enough to throw s-curves for downstream dry fly presentations. I would definitely buy this product again.

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Leader Material Length Size Leader Test Diameter Price  
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 8x 1.5lb 0.7kg .003in .076mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 7x 2.4lb 1.1kg .004in .102mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 6x 3.4lb 1.5kg .005in .127mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 5x 5.0lb 2.3kg .006in .152mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 4x 6.4lb 2.9kg .007in .178mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 3x 8.2lb 3.7kg .008in .203mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 2x 10lb 4.5kg .009in .229mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 1x 13lb 5.9kg .010in .254mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 0x 15lb 6.8kg .011in .279mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 20lb 9.0kg 20lb 9.0kg .013in .330mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 25lb 11.4kg 25lb 11.4kg .015in .381mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 30lb 13.6kg 30lb 13.6kg .017in .432mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 35lb 15.9kg 35lb 15.9kg .019in .483mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 40lb 18.2kg 40lb 18.2kg .021in .533mm $4.49
Nylon 30yd/27.4m 60lb 27.3kg 60lb 27.3kg .025in .635mm $4.49
Nylon 110yd/100m 7x 2.4lb 1.1kg .004in .102mm $9.50
Nylon 110yd/100m 6x 3.4lb 1.5kg .005in .127mm $9.50
Nylon 110yd/100m 5x 5.0lb 2.3kg .006in .152mm $9.50
Nylon 110yd/100m 4x 6.4lb 2.9kg .007in .178mm $9.50
Nylon 110yd/100m 3x 8.2lb 3.7kg .008in .203mm $9.50
Nylon 110yd/100m 2x 10lb 4.5kg .009in .229mm $9.50
Nylon 75yd/68.6m 1x 13lb 5.9kg .010in .254mm $9.50
Nylon 75yd/68.6m 0x 15lb 6.8kg .011in .279mm $9.50
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