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  • Advanced—many say revolutionary—taper in all Rio Gold fly line weights that delivers excellent loop control on distance casts.
  • Fly line profile that gets the rod loaded up even when casting at close range.
  • MaxCast coating keeps Rio Gold lines floating high on the surface and gives them superior durability.
  • Rio Gold floating lines allow anglers to gently set down size #22 midges as well as chuck #2 wooly buggers.
  • Welded loops at both ends. Change leaders and lines quickly and with no hassles.

You can check the Rio Gold fly line reviews; these are great floating lines for the trout fly angler. Rio has paid attention to all the details. The taper design allows Rio Gold floating fly lines to load the rod even when casting at short distances and still deliver the tight loop that's required when the fish are way across the stream, or when the wind starts to kick up.

Rio accomplishes this versatility with its proprietary MaxFloat, MaxCast and AgentX technologies. MaxFloat is Rio's tip coating that gives fly fishers the buoyancy they need throughout a long day on the water and over a long season of fishing. It keeps the fly line's tip more than twice as high in the water than regular fly lines. This results in longer drifts, less drag and the ability to pickup Rio Gold lines without putting down that picky 21-inch brown.

AgentX is a Rio fly line technology anglers will never see, but will immediately sense and appreciate. While traditional lines have one coating layer, Rio Gold fly lines have two, so they don't have to compromise between slickness and durability. For the company's floating fly lines, this allows them to give the Rio Gold an inner layer with additional buoyant microspheres while keeping the outer layer durable and tough for excellent shooting.

Spend a day on the river or lake and see if you don't think the Rio Gold is the best floating fly line you've used.

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