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If you’re an angler who pursues adventure through fly fishing, chances are you’ve heard of anglers who travel to target jungle fish in the Amazon. These fish can be large, aggressive, and incredibly hard to get to (hence, the adventure part). The good news is that RIO makes a fly line designed specifically for fishing the tropical jungle. The Jungle Series of lines comes in a variety of densities and is built for turning over large flies for Golden Dorado, Arowana, Pacu, and more. This is one of the few lines designed specifically for the jungle angler in pursuit of large tropical fish.



Extreme Slickness, DirectCore - The floating lines in this series are made with a dual-layered fly line tech that basically means you’re getting a high-floating inner line layer and a durable, tough outer line layer. RIO has also added a special coating to the tip of the line that helps RIO Jungle sit high in the water column for improved performance. DirectCore minimizes line stretch on tropical fly lines for ultimate sensitivity, control, and hook setting abilities. There are four different density options available for the range of jungle angling scenarios.



Jungle Fish, Tropical Environments - The Jungle Series of lines is designed to cover a wide range of angling applications and to withstand the tropical heat of the jungle. Whether you’re throwing large streamers to Golden Dorado or berry flies to a Pacu, this line series is ideal for any jungle fishing situation you can dream of. With an easy-loading taper, it’ll also allow anglers to throw accurate casts with the fast action rods that are required to play large jungle fish and turn over large jungle flies.



Warm/Tropical - The tropical version of RIO Jungle is designed to be fished in hot climates. This means the line won’t get sticky when coiled on a boat deck in hot weather or during long days in tropical climates. That being said, it’ll shrivel in colder weather and won’t cast/shoot as well.



Short, Quick-Loading Head - The WF8F version of the line has a 30’ head weight of 280 grains and an overall head length of 30’. The short, heavy head allows anglers to turn over large streamers in windy conditions and shoot line while blind casting. While the tapers remain the same regardless of line density, the Floating/Intermediate version has a 30’ intermediate head and a 10’ clear tip for increased stealth.


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Jungle

Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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Line WeightLengthHead WeightHead LengthSink RateColorPrice 
WF9F100ft/30m30ft/9.1mFloating/6 ipsBlack/Pale Orange$129.99
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