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There are plenty of fly lines on the market that cater to anglers fishing a moderate action rod on small creeks and streams. RIO Creek, however, is built to cater to the angler who prefers to fish a fast-action fly rod in a small water setting. With an aggressive front taper that’s built a half-size heavy, RIO Creek helps load fast action fly rods at short range so that you can present flies to finicky trout in a small stream setting. Built in partnership with the Sage Dart, the RIO Creek offers all of the fly line technology you’ll see in normal RIO Trout lines in a smaller package that caters to 2wt, 3wt, and 4wt rods or any angler who’s fishing a small rod on small water.



MaxCast, AgentX, MaxFloat, Extreme Slickness - MaxCast is RIO’s hydrophobic fly line coating that helps this line repel water, shoot farther, and float higher. AgentX is a dual-layered fly line tech that basically means you’re getting a high-floating inner line layer and a durable, tough outer line layer. RIO has also added a special coating to the tip of the line that helps RIO Creek sit high in the water column for improved performance. These features lead to great shooting capability and minimal friction so that you can get the most performance out of your fly line.



Small Water Floating Line for Trout - RIO Creek offers small water anglers an alternative to a double taper line that’s true to lineweight. RIO Creek is, instead, a line that’s built a half-size heavy and helps load fast-action rods easily at short range. If your 3wt or 4wt rod is a high-performance medium-fast or fast action rod, this line is for you. The shorter overall line length (75ft) fits nicely on smaller trout reels and will allow you to get the most performance out of a durable small water fly line.



Cold/Moderate - The line’s supple coldwater core enhances tangle-free performance. It’s a line that is made to be used in cold and moderate climates including freshwater streams and rivers, lakes, and almost any climate. That being said, this line will turn limp in tropical climates and isn’t meant to be used in high heat.



Short, Aggressive Taper, Built ½ Size Heavy - The head and taper of the RIO Creek line are designed to load smaller fly rods at close distances. The overall head length is 30’ with a 15.5ft front taper and body and a 14.5ft rear taper. Built a half-size heavy, this taper is great for fast action small stream rods. RIO designed this rod in conjunction with the Sage Dart fly rod which has a fast action profile and is built for throwing small streamers and larger dries on small creeks. This line will load faster rods at short range and is a great option for anglers targeting finicky trout on small streams with a fast action fly rod.


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Best for: Small Water, Trout


Loops: Front Loop (Leader to Fly Line Connection) and Back Loop (Backing to Fly Line Connection)


Sinking/Floating: Floating


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