Renzetti Fly Tying Hand Tool Kit

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Whether it’s your go-to travel kit or you’re just looking for a high-quality assortment of every tying tool you need to get started, Renzetti has you covered with their Fly Tying Hand Tool Kit. Equipped with stainless steel scissors, beading needles, bodkin, bobbin threaders, hackle pliers and dubbing twisters, this kit completes everything that you need to tie both fresh and saltwater patterns of nearly any size and style. Made in the USA of top-notch components, this is a nicely organized tool kit that you’ll be using for years to come. 


Complete Tying Tool Kit w/ Carrying Case - Renzetti designed their Fly Tying Hand Tool Kit as a complete assortment of tools to outfit the tier for anything that comes their way. Not only does this assortment have everything that you need, but it also comes packaged in a travel-friendly case.   



Considering that the Fly Tying Hand Tool Kit provides such a comprehensive variety of tying tools, you can turn to this kit for nearly every tying purpose. From the bobbin that winds your thread to the scissors that cut it all and all the way to your double-sided hair stacker, the Fly Tying Hand Tool Kit prepares you for every tying situation at hand.  


Renzetti’s Fly Tying Hand Tool Kit Vs. Loon’s Core Fly Tying Tool Kit - Another similar set of tying tools is Loon’s Core Fly Tying Tool Kit. Just like Renzetti’s Fly Tying Hand Tool Kit, this is a nearly complete assortment of tools that will prepare the tier for a range of patterns. However, one thing to note is that Loon’s Fly Tying Tool Kit does not have a hair stacker. And while both of these tool kits outfit the tier quite well, Renzetti’s tools are a bit better quality than what’s in the Loon assortment, which is reflected by their prices. 

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