Renzetti Apprentise C-Clamp Rotary Fly Tying Vise

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A quality vise constructed in the USA out of top-notch components, Renzetti’s Apprentise C-Clamp Rotary Vise is a solid choice whether you’re just getting started or have been at the tying desk for decades. Designed to be a high-quality vise that’s also affordable, the Apprentise offers a full rotary function and is machined from aluminum–a build that provides long-lasting use as well as all of the convenience needed to easily tie a wide variety of patterns. The Apprentise can reliably hold flies ranging from a size 28 all the way to a size 2, giving the tier flexibility between fresh and saltwater patterns. Whether it’s your first Wooly Bugger or you’re prepping the bonefish box for a trip to Andros, Renzetti’s Apprentise is a vise that’s tough to beat for its price. 


Full Rotary - One of the key features of Renzetti’s Apprentise Vise is its ability to fully rotate. This makes tying and getting a full 360-degree view of your fly nice and easy, and with an ability to adjust the pitch of the vise’s jaws, you can also use it to simplify things like palmering hackle, brushes, chenilles, and more. 

Machined Aluminum w/ Black Oxide Jaws - Built to last for years to come, Renzetti makes the body of their Apprentise model out of a durable and lightweight Machined Aluminum that has a silver powder coating and tough Black Oxide Jaws. A solid pairing, you can count on the jaws to firmly hold your hooks for years, while the aluminum body stands up to things like those post-tidal-fishing tying sessions that overlook a salty beach. 

8” Hinged Stem - A simple design that pays off, this 8” hinged stem allows you to adjust the height of your vise to fit the desk or table at hand. Also, you can easily adjust the angle of your vise’s jaws as needed, providing further convenience to your tying. 

C-Clamp Construction - The C-Clamp is as sturdy as it gets when tying flies and Renzetti’s Apprentise is no exception to that rule. With a C-Clamp mechanism, you can lock your vise in everywhere you end up. 


The main purpose of Renzetti’s Apprentise Vise is to hold hooks while tying. 


Renzetti’s Apprentise Vise Vs Peak’s Rotary Vise - A vise that provides pretty similar functionality and purpose is Peak’s Rotary Vise. Peak’s Rotary Vise is also made from high-quality materials and sets the tier up with a full rotary function, yet the Peak offers an ability to tie with a wider range of hook sizes, so depending on what you’re looking to tie, it may offer more flexibility. Regardless of your choice, these are both excellent vises that will serve the beginner as well as the seasoned tier. 

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