Regal Medallion Vise Heads

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One size doesn’t fit all. Any angler can tell you that the fly you use depends on what the fish you are going for likes to bite, and different fish like different flies. Most trout fishing requires hooks ranging from size 22 to 3. Sometimes, you may need a fly as small as 32 (and we hope you have great vision in that instance). But what if you are going after a large saltwater species? You may need something in the 1/0-4/0 range.

Whatever size fly you need to tie, Regal can handle it. From our Midge, designed to handle the tiniest of hooks, to our Monster, which can handle big hooks for big fish, we have a vise that helps you create flies for whatever you are going after. And our Revolution vises have the flexibility of a rotary vise to give you the smoothest, most versatile tying experience possible. So why not see what a Regal Vise can do for you?

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