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Redington Torrent Rods

If you want a fast action rod that can handle tough conditions, the Redington Torrent fly rod could be the perfect option. It combines a stiff tip with a high modulus blank for an accurate, versatile rod at a very competitive price. When it comes to value for money, you can't go wrong with the Redington Torrent fly rod.

The Redington Torrent fly rod is made with a 54 and 42 million modulus blank. Toray Graphite is also used, giving the rod a fast and precise action. The high quality construction and versatile performance means this rod isn't just for beginners. Anglers of all skill levels can appreciate the rod's accuracy and smooth action.

Three different fighting butt sizes are available, depending on the line weight you choose. This lets you match the rod with your desired application. Line weights from 3-10 are available, with the 3-6 weights being an excellent choice when precision is required. If power is important to you, especially if you plan on fighting bigger fish, then the 7-10 weights are the best choice. All Redington Torrent rods come with alignment dots, making it easy and fast to set up the rod.

The Redington Torrent fly rod is made with PacBay Hialoy ring guides and PacBay chrome snake guides. It's built with a sturdy aluminum tube, complete with custom anodized end caps. Each Redington Torrent fly rod comes with an aluminum rod tube, and is covered by Redington's Lifetime Warranty.
Drop Ship Yes
Ship Days in 3-5 days
Action Fast
Grip Type Single Handed
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