Redington Original Fly Rod Kit

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Originality comes together with modern design and performance in Redington’s Original Fly Rod Kits to bring you an affordable and reliable option whether you’re chasing lightweights like trout on a creek or need something heavier for tackling steelhead and strong warm water customers like carp. Available in a 9’ 5-weight and a 9’ 8-weight model, the Original Fly Rod Kit is ready for just about any fishing situation you find yourself in–throwing streamers on a creek to aggressive smallmouth? The 5-weight option is perfect; making your first trip ever to the Great Lakes for some steelhead action? The 8-weight has you covered. Rediginton makes their Original Fly Rod with a medium-fast action to let beginners perfect their cast while also letting those more experienced anglers land flies with precision and ease–focusing power exactly where you need it helps anglers of all skill levels find the strength necessary to present heavy streamers and clunky nymph rigs, and when action strikes, getting the fish to the bank is anything but a chore. Equipped with Redington’s all-new Crosswater reel, a Rio Mainstream line, a tapered leader, and packaged in a burly nylon case,  the Original Fly Rod comes ready to handle any situation you find yourself in right out of the box. 



Graphite - The Original Fly Rod is made out of a quality graphite and has a medium-fast action. Rediginton’s choice in graphite is nice and lightweight to make enjoying long days on the water as easy as can be, and with a medium-fast action, beginners can hone their cast just as well as those more experienced can make those perfect casts both near and far. An excellent balance between reliable performance and an affordable price tag, the Original Fly Rod is a tool that you can count on for almost any job out there. 

Redington finishes their Original Fly Rod with a clean brown color. Not only does this blank’s color look good in your hand, but it provides just enough stealth for those situations when stalking the fish is imperative to success. 



Redington outfits their Original Fly Rods with their Crosswater Reel. An all-new reel from Redington, their Crosswater features a composite construction with a carbon drag that has all of the power you need whether it’s a feisty smallmouth or a tough striped bass on the end of your line. An excellent choice for performance and keeping this kit affordable, the Crosswater Reel is the perfect match for Redington’s Wrangler. 

Reel Seat
Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat - A high-performing option for a kit in this price range, Redington’s Original Fly Rod Kits have an Anodized Aluminum Reel Seat.  This reel seat locks your reel in place for the long haul, and its composition prevents corrosion while also keeping things nice and light in hand. 



Rod Tube

Nylon Rod Tube w/ Built-In w/ Reel Holder - From long shifts spent navigating airport terminals to those rocky drives to the perfect fishing hole, no matter what journey you’re on, this nylon tube keeps things safe and sound, and for added convenience, it has an integrated reel holder so you never need to worry about fully dismantling your rod in between time on the water.  



As of June 2023, Redington’s Original Fly Rod Kit comes with a one-year warranty. This warranty covers defects in material or workmanship and a dated proof of purchase is necessary for all warranty claims. 


More Info

Rod Action: Medium-Fast action

Best for: All Water, Streamers, Dry Flies, Wet Flies, and Nymphs

Grip: Reversed Half Wells (5-weight)

Full Wells w/ Fighting Butt (8-weight)

Ability Level: Intermediate (learn more)

ModelHandleLengthLine WeightColorActionWeightPrice 
Redington Original Fly Rod Kit 9ft 5wt (590-4)Reversed Half-Wells9ft5BrownMedium-Fast$199.99
Redington Original Fly Rod Kit 9ft 8wt (890-4)Full Wells w/Fighting Butt9ft8BrownMedium-Fast$199.99