Redington i.D Prespooled Fly Reel

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This is a pre-spooled reel that comes with Rio Mainstream Fly Line


Redington built the i.D for anglers who want to have fun on the water while sporting their favorite decal. With a full black surface, the i.D allows anglers to fit the reel with decals from fish art to state art and everything in between. Beyond the artistic appeal, however, this reel also has solid performance. A Rulon drag system, friendly ergonomics, and a quality drag knob make this reel a great option for the artist and the angler.



Sturdy Design - The i.D is built on a sturdy reel design. The flat black frame of the reel adds durability, weight, and the opportunity to customize the finish. While this isn’t the lightest fly reel on the market, it balances all rods well for optimal performance when it counts. Add a Rulon disc drag system, a soft-touch handle, and intelligent spool porting, and it’s easy to see why this reel is one of the most popular entry-level reels on the market.



Customizable Finish - The i.D features a flat black frame that accepts customizable decals from your favorite state to your favorite fish species. These decals offer the angler a way to finish the reel in style without detracting from the reel’s functionality. The sturdy die-cast aluminum of the i.D also holds up well to dings and scrapes.



Die-Cast Aluminum - The i.D is built from die-cast aluminum. This aluminum is a lightweight, affordable alternative to machining and is part of the reason the i.D is so affordable. Redington also uses twin molded, soft-touch handles and an ergonomic aluminum drag knob on the reel. Every reel comes with a nylon reel case.



Type - The i.D is built on a smooth disc drag system. Disc systems are durable and strong for minimal maintenance and maximum performance.

Materials - The drag system on the i.D utilizes Rulon discs that are lightweight and high performing. Rulon discs are a great alternative to carbon fiber discs.


Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor of the i.D increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest freshwater and saltwater fish on a single-handed fly rod. The spool accommodates enough backing for the strongest saltwater fish and the design helps with line management. Anglers don’t have to worry about where line lands on the reel when playing a fish.



Redington Warranty - As of November 2019, every new reel is covered by a warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The i.D is covered by a lifetime, original owner warranty. The warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the reel only and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage.


More Info

Best for: Allwater


Arbor Size: Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
5/63.50"6LargeDisc100yds #205, 6Black$109.99
7/8/93.90"6.7LargeDisc200yds #207, 8, 9Black$109.99
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