Redington Dually Spey and Switch Fly Rod

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The Dually is Redington’s low-priced Spey/Switch rod offering. The newest iteration of the Dually is lighter with an updated handle and improved tip stability. This series from Redington is extremely versatile with rods to cover any two-handed angling scenario. With a caster-friendly medium-fast action design these rods make sense for beginners and intermediate anglers alike. Redington has always prided itself on its ability to marry performance and affordability and the Dually is a prime example of that marriage.


Super-Tuned, Moderate-Fast Action Design - The Dually Spey and Switch rods were designed to be powerful and efficient. A medium-fast rod action makes the Dually a delight to cast at short distances and the blank’s smooth design also makes effortless long-distance casts. The rod is also incredibly lightweight and maintains pinpoint accuracy through improved rod tip recovery and superb line control.


Lightweight Stripping Guides w/Zirconia Inserts - Lightweight stripping guides allow Spey lines to shoot through the Dually effortlessly. These guides accommodate any fly line. The Spey rods have zirconia inserts to minimize line freezing and increase strength and durability.

Hard Chrome Snake Guides - Hard Chrome snake guides decrease the overall rod weight of the Dually to keep the rod as lightweight as possible without sacrificing performance. Snake guides minimize line friction and maximize rod performance.

Reel Seat

Anodized Aluminum - The anodized aluminum reel seat on the Dually Spey rods is corrosion-resistant and lightweight. The Dually Spey also comes with a composite cork handle with soft-touch EVA pinch grip sections for better running line control. A double downlocking on the heavier Spey models component anchors larger Spey reels for maintenance-free performance.

Rod Tube

Cordura Rod Tube - The Dually comes in a fully protected Cordura rod tube with dividers for easy storage. Cordura is a phenomenal mid-priced alternative to aluminum and keeps the Dually Spey safe during travel and transportation.


The Redington Lifetime Warranty - As of July 2019, every new Redington rod purchased through an authorized dealer, excluding the Crosswater Series and Minnow and Topo Combos, is covered by a lifetime original owner warranty. The warranty is limited to replacement of the rod only and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product.


More Info

Rod Action: Medium - Fast

Best for: All Water, Streamers

Grip: Spey

Ability Level: Beginner- Expert (learn more)


Recommended Lines

We highly recommend using a Spey specific line. Our favorite for Skagit applications is:

Model Handle Length Line Weight Color Action Weight Price  
Redington Dually Switch Fly Rod 11’ 5wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 5 Bronze Medium-Fast 5.4 oz. $249.99
Redington Dually Switch Fly Rod 11’ 6wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 6 Bronze Medium-Fast 5.5 oz. $249.99
Redington Dually Spey Fly Rod 12’ 6” 6wt Two-Handed Spey 12ft 6in 6 Brown Medium-Fast 6.9 oz. $249.99
Redington Dually Switch Fly Rod 11’ 6” 7wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 6in 7 Bronze Medium-Fast 5.9 oz. $249.99
Redington Dually Spey Fly Rod 12’ 6” 7wt Two-Handed Spey 12ft 6in 7 Brown Medium-Fast 6.9 oz. $279.99
Redington Dually Spey Fly Rod 13’ 6” 7wt Two-Handed Spey 13ft 6in 7 Brown Medium-Fast 7.8 oz. $279.99
Redington Dually Switch Fly Rod 11’ 6” 8wt Two Handed Switch 11ft 6in 8 Bronze Medium-Fast 6.4 oz. $249.99
Redington Dually Spey Fly Rod 13’ 6” 8wt Two-Handed Spey 13ft 6in 8 Brown Medium-Fast 8.6 oz. $279.99
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