Pacer Zap Fly Fishing Brush-On

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Locking in your thread wraps, securing a material with extra strength, or coating a knot before an offshore fishing trip, no matter what you’re binding together, Pacer’s Zap Fly Fishing Brush-On is the perfect adhesive. Designed with a brush-on applicator, this cyanoacrylate adhesive is super easy to work with and quickly binds materials like no other. An important glue to have on hand, Pacer’s Zap Fly Fishing Brush-On locks things in for the long haul. 



Pacer’s Zap Fly Fishing Brush-On can be used anytime you’re looking to bind materials or knots. An excellent glue that covers a wide variety of purposes, you can turn to Pacer’s Zap whether you’re looking to lock materials in, securely coat thread wraps, or enhance the strength of your knots. Super easy to use, Pacer’s Zap is worth having both on the fly tying desk as well as in the fishing vehicle should you need to quickly solve a mishap while on a trip.



While there are tons of adhesives available in the fly tying world, cyanoacrylate lands in a league of its own due to its quick-drying and excellent bonding abilities. Pacer’s Zap Fly Fishing Brush-On can be compared to other cyanoacrylates such as Loctite’s Super Glue as these are very similar materials and can be used interchangeably. Should you want to compare this adhesive to a head cement such as Hareline’s Hard As Hull, you’ll find that Pacer’s Zap tends to provide a little stronger of a connection but does dry quicker and a bit harder, making it an inferior choice should you be looking to lock in each step when tying a fly. 

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