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The Mirage USA is Orvis’ flagship saltwater fly reel series. This reel is bombproof, meant for big fish and serious angling conditions. Perfect for stalking Bonefish on the flats or fighting Permit from a boat, Orvis left no stone unturned in the design and build of this reel. The Mirage is a little heavy to better balance heavier saltwater reels and its strength is truly unparalleled at its price point.



Technologically Superior Design - The Mirage is built with the most hardcore materials and the most technically sound design in fly fishing. A fully machined frame, carbon and stainless drag, and a Type III finish make this reel’s design hard to beat. Plus the reel is designed for extra strength and solid quality for fighting those big saltwater fish.



Type III Hard Coat Anodizing - Few manufacturers use a finish as durable as Type III Hard Coat Anodizing. The anodizing on the Mirage USA is military spec and made to be the most hardcore finish in the fly fishing industry. Seriously, if you’re looking for the most durable finish on any fly reel Type III is just about as ding-resistant as it comes.



6061 T6 Aluminum - The Mirage’s rugged design is built on 6061 T6 aluminum, some of the strongest most lightweight aluminum that exists. The Mirage is built to be strong and durable and this aluminum is a large reason for its bombproof design.



Sealed Disc Drag - Like any quality saltwater reel today, the Mirage USA has a sealed drag. The sealed drag keeps saltwater away from the drag components to discourage corrosion and rust. A disc drag system is also an industry norm and keeps the drag on the Mirage strong and smooth.

Carbon and Stainless Steel - Carbon and stainless steel make the Mirage USA’s drag incredibly strong and maintenance-free. The drag maintains strong line-stopping capabilities regardless of wear and tear and hardcore use.


Arbor Size

Superlarge Arbor - The Mirage LT features a superlarge arbor design for increased line pickup. Higher retrieval rates are important when fighting saltwater fish and the Mirage’s arbor design helps fight big fish efficiently and effectively.



Orvis Lifetime Warranty - The Orvis Lifetime Warranty covers all reels against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. The warranty does not cover accidental breakage, breakage from abuse, or excessive wear and tear. As of September 2019, Orvis charges a $30 processing fee for all fly reels sent to be repaired/warrantied.


More Info

Best for: Allwater, Saltwater


Arbor Size: Super Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
II3.5 in.5.6 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF4+125yds (20lb Dacron)3Midnight$598.00
III3.88 in.6.2 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF6+125yds (20lb Dacron)5Midnight$649.00
VI5 in.12.9 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF12+325yds (30lb Dacron)11Midnight$898.00
VI-D5 in.13 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF14+600yds (50lb Gel Spun)13Midnight$898.00
II3.5 in.5.6 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF4+125yds (20lb Dacron)3Pewter$598.00
III3.88 in.6.2 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF6+125yds (20lb Dacron)5Pewter$649.00
IV4.25 in.8.9 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF8+200yds (20lb Dacron)7Pewter$698.00
V4.5 in.9.7 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF10+225yds (30lb Dacron)9Pewter$798.00
VI5 in.12.9 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF12+325yds (30lb Dacron)11Pewter$898.00
VI-D5 in.13 oz.Extra LargeDiscWF14+600yds (50lb Gel Spun)13Pewter$898.00
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