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The Orvis Hydros SL replaces the Hydros LA in Orvis’ lineup. Orvis redesigned the arbor size, built a completely new drag system, and shrunk the spool width for easier line stacking. The result? A reel that’s affordable, high-performing, and super durable. In fact, the 8wt version of the Hydros SL won the ‘Best Buy’ award in our 2018 8wt Fly Reel Shootout with a massive 14lbs of max drag, solid drag adjustability, great retrieval rates, and a scratch-resistant finish. If you’re in the market for an affordable reel that can stop a Bonefish, Permit, and even a Tarpon, look no farther than the Hydros SL.



Orvis Engineering - Orvis completely redesigned the Hydros reel. Built on a fully machined frame, the Hydros SL features a ported spool for decreased overall reel weight. The reel is also built with tighter tolerances for minimal spool wobble, a new-and-improved drag knob, and a narrower spool. Add a new reel handle and improved aesthetics and the all-new build of the Hydros SL is one of the best on the market.



Anodized Aluminum - The Hydros SL is finished with anodized aluminum. The Hydros SL comes in three colors: Silver, Citron, or Black Nickel. Every reel is finished with an Orvis insignia on the drag knob and on the spool knob, and an engraved reel model label on the frame for easy reel identification.



Bar Stock Aluminum - The Hydros SL is built with a durable Bar Stock Aluminum that stands up to weather and wear.



Type - The Hydros SL sports a fully sealed drag for increased protection from the elements including saltwater. Sealed drag systems are a must when saltwater fishing and most saltwater reels on the market today have a fully sealed drag.

Material - A fully-sealed carbon drag and fully-sealed clutch bearing mean this reel is ready for any environment. The drag design also means the Hydros SL has an insanely high maximum drag for stopping the largest fish.


Arbor Size

Superlarge Arbor - The reel’s ‘Superlarge Arbor’ translates to high retrieval rates and great line pickup. Orvis also redesigned the spool to be narrower so line stacking isn’t ever a problem with the Hydros SL. Add increased spool width on the edges of the reel and it’s easy to see why this reel design is one of the best in the industry.



Orvis Lifetime Warranty - The Orvis Lifetime Warranty covers all reels against defects in materials and workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. The warranty does not cover accidental breakage, breakage from abuse, or excessive wear and tear. As of September 2019, Orvis charges a $30 processing fee for all fly reels sent to be repaired/warrantied.


More Info

Best for: All Water, Flats


Arbor Size: Super Large


Staff Reviews

Reel Model Diameter Weight Arbor Size Drag Type Capacity Line Weight Color Price  
II 3.5" 5.6 Large 125 yds #20 3 Citron $219.00
II 3.5" 5.6 Large 125 yds #20 3 Black Nickel $219.00
II 3.5" 5.6 Large 125 yds #20 3 Silver $219.00
III 3.88" 5.9 Large 125 yds #20 5 Black Nickel $229.00
III 3.88" 5.9 Large 125 yds #20 5 Silver $229.00
IV 4.25" 7.4 Large 200 yds #20 7 Black Nickel $239.00
IV 4.25" 7.4 Large 200 yds #20 7 Silver $239.00
V 4.5" 8.4 Large 225 yds #20 9 Black Nickel $259.00
V 4.5" 8.4 Large 225 yds #20 9 Silver $259.00
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