Orvis Hydros Large Arbor Fly Reel

Orvis Hydros Large Arbor Fly Reel 1

  • Hydros LA I for line weights 1-2; 3.9 oz, 3" diameter.
  • Hydros LA II for line weights 3-4; 4.3 oz, 3 1/3" diameter
  • Hydros LA III for line weights 5-6; 5.0 oz, 3 2/3" diameter
  • Hydros LA IV for line weights 7-8; 6.9 oz, 3 7/8" diameter
  • Hydros LA V for line weights 9-10; 8.0 oz, 4 1/4" diameter
  • Hydros LA VI for line weights 11-12; 8.5 oz, 4 1/2" diameter

  • Note: This reel has undergone a running change; we modified the design in 2013 to minimize the issue of running line slipping through the line guard / spool interface. A reel with exceptionally tight tolerance is prone to rubbing under pressure. A slightly larger tolerance, as intended in the Hydros Large Arbor, allows for more operational clearance, but does allow running lines smaller than 0.029" to potentially slip through. For those using running lines less than 0.029" in diameter, please take this into consideration.

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    Orvis Hydros Large Arbor Fly Reel Reviews

    Best Bang for your (Sealed Drag) Buck Review by Joe
    Posted on 12/1/15
    Unfortunately Orvis is phasing this reel out, so get your hands on one now before it's too late. They have stopped making any more and are already out of most spools...only some reel sizes available.

    Nonetheless, I recently started doing some more saltwater fishing and needed a good, but relatively cheap sealed drag reel.

    I obviously would have loved a Hatch, Mirage or Nautilus, but just didn't have the $500+ to spend on a reel.

    The Hydros, while it does have a couple of drawbacks (it is a bit heavy and the drag range is not as extensive as most other reels), but then again, you get what you pay for.

    I purchased the size V with two spools for less than $300 and am extremely pleased with the product.

    i have used the reel for Great Lakes Steelhead and Bones in the Bahamas and it exceeded my expectations.

    I never understood why reels are so expensive for trout fishing, for they are really just glorified line holders, but when you're in the salt, you need a reliable sealed drag and the Hydros performs with the best of them for half the price.
    Solid reel with a big issue Review by Trent
    Posted on 10/14/14
    I really like this reel but when I switched the line on it to a Skagit Versitip System for spey casting, for some reason the running line kept getting caught in the space between the spool and the rest of the reel. Drives me crazy.
    Best of orvis lineup Review by TenaciousP
    Posted on 10/9/14
    I have the IV. I'm not sure you can rate this anything but a 5, especially when the value is considered. The drag is nothing short of amazing. Smooth. (I like it better than the Mirage.) I use this real on my 7# for steelhead and my #8 for stripers. Fresh/Salt. Never had a problem. I really have not found another real in sub-300 world even close.

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