Orvis CFO III Fly Reel

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C.F.O. Reel

This USA-made C.F.O. Reel honors the legacy of fly reel designer Stan Bogdan’s 1971 revival. Inspired by Charles Frederick Orvis's 1874 ventilated-port design, this click-and-pawl reel is not only worthy of display but also delivers a delightful fishing experience. Featuring a classic black frame and spool with silver accents, the reel embodies the elegance and simplicity of Bogdan's 1971 masterpiece. The C.F.O. Reel includes an easy left- to right-hand retrieve conversion for added versatility.


  • USA-made Revival - This reel is a modern tribute to Stan Bogdan’s iconic 1971 design, maintaining the timeless aesthetic and functionality of the original.
  • Durable Type III Anodizing - The reel is built with type III anodizing, offering superior durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Convertible Retrieve - Easily switch from left- to right-hand retrieve, accommodating various fishing preferences.
  • Click-and-Pawl Design - Enjoy the classic click-and-pawl mechanism that provides a smooth and pleasurable fishing experience.
  • Neoprene Reel Case - Comes with a neoprene reel case for protection and easy transport.


  • 3.3 oz., 2.73" Reel Diameter - Suitable for line weights 1-3; accommodates 10 yards with 5-wt., 20-lb Dacron®.
  • 3.6 oz., 3" Reel Diameter - Suitable for line weights 3-5; accommodates 10 yards with 5-wt., 20-lb Dacron®.
  • 4.1 oz., 3.23" Reel Diameter - Suitable for line weights 5-7; accommodates 10 yards with 5-wt., 20-lb Dacron®.

Why We Like It

The C.F.O. Reel is a beautifully crafted homage to a historical design that stands the test of time. Its robust type III anodizing ensures it can withstand harsh conditions, while the convertible retrieve adds practicality. The classic click-and-pawl mechanism provides a delightful fishing experience, making it a pleasure to use on the water. Plus, with its included neoprene reel case, the C.F.O. Reel is well-protected and ready for your next adventure.

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