Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads

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We all love to add a bead to our flies, but sometimes they don’t offer the realism or weight that we need--Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads changes that with ease. Made of tungsten, these are some of the heaviest beads on the market. And designed to give a natural shape and profile, the Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads have pupils on each side and give a shape that looks much more buggy than your standard round beads. Perfect for any nymph you can tie up, the Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads come in a range of sizes and colors, and while the colors are great for adding attractive elements, they also make it easy to quickly choose the heaviest fly in your box. Large stoneflies to tiny freshwater shrimp, the Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads add life to any fly in your arsenal.



Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads were created to get your flies down deep quickly while increasing the realism of your bugs. With added pupils and a more natural shape, these beads are the perfect accent to any nymph out there, and since they come in such a variety of colors, these beads are great for Euro Nymphing patterns that often call for a “hot spot.” From enhancing your Copper John Nymphs to crafting up a new carp pattern that sinks quickly and gets their attention, Nymph-Head’s Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads are the right choice for it all.



Although there are many tungsten bead options on the market, none offer the weight and realistic profile that the Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads have. Tungsten creates heavyweight beads and Hareline’s Countersunk Tungsten Beads are a comparable product, yet they are round and don’t offer nearly the realism of the Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads. While both options will sink your flies, whenever you’re fishing heavily-pressured waters and need that extra bit of realism, the Nymph-Head Heavy Metal Tungsten Beads are the superior choice.

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