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Nautilus may be well-known for their durable saltwater fly reels but they make a pretty stellar freshwater reel series, too. The X-Series features an open spool design and an ultra-large arbor to create the perfect balance of lightweight design without sacrificing performance. These reels are great for the avid trout angler looking for a light reel for freshwater use. That being said, the larger models can also be taken into the saltwater because of the reel’s sealed disc drag system. Whether you’re battling fish on the mighty Yellowstone or exploring the stream behind your house, this reel is one of the best freshwater reel choices on the market.



Open Frame Design - Nautilus has found a way to perfect an open spool reel design for decreased weight and increased performance. Open spool designs can often be less durable than classic reel designs, but Nautilus has utilized rugged materials to make this a reel that’s not only high-performing but also extremely durable.



Brushed Titanium or Black Anodizing - The X-Series is available, like many other Nautilus Reels, in either brushed titanium or a black anodized finish. Both finishes hold up well when exposed to freshwater abuse and the reel’s finish stands up well when dropped or dinged. The finishing on this reel is functional and strong.



Machined Aluminum - The X-Series is built with machined Aluminum which has a few benefits. Machined aluminum is both abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. If you happen to drop or ding your reel, this aircraft aluminum resists corrosion even when abraded. The aluminum holds up to saltwater and freshwater corrosion.



Type - The X-Series boasts a brand new SCF-X drag system that’s based on a sealed disc drag design. Unlike other disc drags, however, this reel utilizes different materials to decrease overall reel weight without sacrificing drag strength.

Materials - This drag system is built on a Teflon and carbon fiber disc system. Teflon keeps the reel lightweight but remains strong over years of use. This drag system is fully sealed for versatility and performance.


Arbor Size

Ultra-Large Arbor - The ‘Giga’ arbor of the X-Series increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest freshwater fish on a single-handed fly rod. Spool sizes range from 3.25” on the 3/4wt reel to 4” on the 8/9wt reel. The arbor design also helps with line management and the angler doesn’t have to worry about where his/her line lands on the reel when playing a fish.



Nautilus Limited Lifetime Warranty - As of November 2019, all Nautilus reels come with a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner that covers defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accident, misuse, or improper maintenance. That being said, Nautilus will repair all reels and spools for an additional cost.


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Trout


Arbor Size: Ultra-Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
XS 3/43.25 in.LargeSealed CassetteWF4+1003Silver$355.00
XM 4/53.50 in.LargeSealed CassetteWF5+1054Silver$375.00