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The Mystic Reaper fly rod is a mid-priced offering that’s highly regarded in the industry for delivering top-notch quality. The Reaper sits between the Inception and the M-Series in the Mystic lineup, offering features that both new and experienced anglers alike will appreciate. Mystic designed the Reaper to deliver immense power through the bottom two-thirds of the rod, while maintaining enough delicacy in the tip to protect lighter tippet. The Reaper also boasts a blank that, according to Mystic, is true to line weight, saltwater safe, and built using modern multi-modulus layering techniques. From brook trout to pike and muskie, the Reaper is a do-it-all rod for anglers looking for something at a mid-level price point. It’s available in weights 3-12.


True-to-line-weight - Mystic builds all their fly rods true to their prescribed line weight. Their multi-modulus layering techniques allow them to accomplish this while still building rods that deliver high line speeds. The Reaper’s blank also features a softer tip section to protect light tippet for anglers chasing bigger fish on thin line.

The Reaper is finished witha luxurious dark brown blank , matching thread wraps and silver trim wraps.


SiC Stripping Guides - The Reaper is built with SiC stripping guides, which add to the high-end finish of the rod

Hard chromed snake guides - The rest of the guides on this rod are industry standard hard-chromed snake guides, a feature anglers expect on rods at nearly every level.

Reel Seat

Aluminum Uplocking Reel Seat - The Mystic Reaper features a tough single uplocking aluminum reel seat , dressed up with a burled walnut insert. It’s both functional and attractive.

Anodized Aluminum - 7-weight and above models of the Reaper trade the burled walnut insert for an all-aluminum double uplocking reel seat a standard throughout the industry. The reel seat is finished with a cork fighting butt.

Rod Tube

Cordura Tube - Mystic sends this rod to anglers in the standard mid-level Cordura rod tube, emblazoned with Mystic’s logo.


The Mystic Warranty - Mystic offers a lifetime warranty to the original owner of their rods. As of Spring 2016, Mystic charges a $50 handling fee for repairs. Mystic will either repair or replace your rod, depending on the severity of damage and availability of the rod model.

More Info

Rod Action: Medium-Fast

Best for: All water, Dry

Grip: Reversed Half-Wells - 3-weight to 6-weight

Full-Wells w/ Fighting Butt - 7-weight to 12-weight

Ability Level: Intermediate - Expert (learn more)

Recommended Lines


  • Silver Medal: 2104 5-weight Shootout
  • 2013 Yellowstone Angler Best Buy

Shootouts and Comparison tests

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Model Handle Length Line Weight Color Action Weight Price  
Mystic Reaper 3wt 7' 4pc Fly Rod 7' 3 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 3wt 8' 4pc Fly Rod 8' 3 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 4wt 8'6" 4pc Fly Rod 8' 6” 4 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 4wt 9' 4pc Fly Rod 9' 4 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 5wt 9' 4pc Fly Rod 9' 5 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 6wt 9' 4pc Fly Rod 9' 6 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 7wt 9' 4pc Fly Rod 9' 7 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 7wt 10' 4pc Fly Rod 10' 7 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 8wt 9' 4pc Fly Rod 9' 8 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 9wt 9' 4pc Fly Rod 9' 9 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 8wt 10' 4pc Fly Rod 10' 8 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 10wt 9' 4pc Fly Rod 9' 10 Medium-Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 380-4 Fly Rod 8' 3 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 490-4 Fly Rod 9' 4 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 590-4 Fly Rod 9' 5 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 690-4 Fly Rod 9' 6 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 790-4 Fly Rod 9' 7 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 7100-4 Fly Rod 10' 7 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 890-4 Fly Rod 9' 8 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 8100-4 Fly Rod 10' 8 Fast $199.00
Mystic Reaper 1090-4 Fly Rod 9' 10 Fast $199.00
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