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One of Loop’s most affordable machined reels, the Evotec G4, features top-notch materials and solid construction. The reel is made for a host of applications from Bass to Bonefish and allows the angler to focus on the fish without worrying about the reel. The reel’s waterproof design, anodized finish, and Power Matrix Drag System make it a top performance contender, especially for its price range, in the contemporary fly reel market.



Evotec Redesign - Loop redesigned the old Evotec to be more powerful and efficient than ever before. The Evotec G4 features Loop’s famous, strong, smooth Power Matrix Drag System and an exterior that matches the power and durability of the reel’s interior. This reel is user-friendly, well-designed, and great for both saltwater and freshwater environments.



Anodized Aluminum - The Evotec G4 is finished with strong anodized aluminum that creates a rigid, durable exterior. Loop’s anodizing holds up well when dropped or dinged and is both freshwater and saltwater safe. The reel’s finish comes in four different colors including black, blue, green, and orange.



Machined Aluminum - Aircraft-grade machined aluminum is one of the reasons this reel is so durable. The Evotec G4 is machined from a single piece of aircraft aluminum and built with the most durable components. Although the reel is insanely durable, it’s also incredibly lightweight and works well as either a saltwater or freshwater reel.



Type - A sealed drag with a powerful braking system fits the Evotec G4 nicely. This system, referred to as a Power Matrix Drag System by Loop, is more than strong enough to stop both freshwater and saltwater fish.

Materials - This drag system is built on an incredibly smooth, reliable sealed disc drag. The disc drag is made with marine grade seals and specialized carbon braking discs. The drag is fully waterproof and saltwater resistant which keeps it reliable and strong over years of use.


Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor of the Loop Evotec G4 increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest freshwater and saltwater fish on a single-handed fly rod. The arbor design also helps with line management and the angler doesn’t have to worry about where his/her line lands on the reel when playing a fish.



Loop Warranty - As of November 2019, Loop offers a no questions asked one-year unconditional warranty that covers almost anything that happens to the reel during the first year of purchase (excluding theft, loss or misplacement). After the first year, the Loop warranty is limited to repair and replacement of the reel and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the misuse of the reel.


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Best for: Allwater


Arbor Size: Large


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