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  1. OPST Commando Floating Tip
    $18.99 - $29.99
  2. Rio Skagit Mow Light Tip
  3. Rio InTouch Level T Replacement Tips
    $49.99 - $439.99
  4. Rio InTouch Skagit Max Gamechanger Fly Line
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  5. Rio Skagit iMow Heavy Tip
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  6. Airflo Ridge 2.0 Running Line
  7. Rio Scandi Body Shooting Head
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Spey fishing, or two-handed casting, has been around for a long time. Spey is a popular way to target Steelhead on the west coast of the US or Salmon in Eastern Canada. Spey fishing, however, requires the right lines, shooting heads, tips, and more. Luckily, we carry the industry’s finest selection of Spey lines from OPST to Rio to Airflo and many more. If you’re an avid two-handed angler or you’re just getting into Spey fishing for the first time, start here to learn about and purchase all the lines and tips you’ll ever need. 


RIO’s selection of Spey lines, heads, and tips is a diverse one. From the RIO InTouch Trout Spey Fly Line, designed for two-handed anglers targeting smaller water and smaller fish, to the RIO InTouch Skagit Max Gamechanger Fly Line for anglers fishing heavy sink tips and large flies, RIO has a line for every angler. In addition to their Spey Lines and Shooting Heads, RIO also carries tips that are great for streamer fishing in deep water. Rio is near the top of the world of fly lines and their Spey line offerings are a strong example of that. 


Another fly line company that makes Spey lines and heads is Gaelforce. Gaelforce is a Scottish company that specializes in both two-handed rods and two-handed lines. Gaelforce makes Switch rods and Spey rods as well as a variety of Spey and Switch Lines and heads. The Gaelforce Equalizer Spey line range is popular among two-handed enthusiasts because of its user-friendly design and its wide range of applications. The folks at Gaelforce really know the two-handed Spey game inside and out and that’s reflected in their Spey and Switch line offerings. 


OPST is also known for their Spey lines and heads. The Commando series from OPST is a popular Skagit shooting head series that comes in a variety of sizes for any Spey angler’s needs. The Commando Skagit heads are perfect for heavy flies and streamer fishing for Steelhead, Salmon, and Trout. OPST also makes a Pure Skagit Lazar Running Line that can be partnered with these Skagit heads for increased shooting ability and decreased friction when two-handed casting. 


We also carry Spey lines and heads from Cortland and Airflo. Cortland makes a Short Belly Spey Line, Medium Belly Spey Line, and a Long Belly Spey Line. These lines offer great performance on the water for a variety of Spey applications. Cortland also makes a Compact Switch line that’s a great option for both nymphing and Spey casting. Airflo makes one of our favorite Spey lines the Airflo Skagit Scout Fly Line. This line has stellar shooting capabilities and brings heavy tips and large flies to the surface with ease. It’s a great line for the beginner, intermediate, or expert angler. 


We’ve worked hard to hone our Spey Line collection so we offer you the best two-handed lines on the market. Like everything else we sell at Trident, our Spey lines ship for free and come with a price match guarantee. Shop Now!