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  3. Rio Gold Premier Fly Line
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  6. Rio Elite Flats Pro Fly Line
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  8. Rio Directcore Jungle Fly Line
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  9. Rio Striper Premier Fly Line
  10. Rio Perception Elite Fly Line
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RIO Products, a company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, was founded in 1990 by Jim and Kitty Vincent. Since its inception, the company has focused on the research, design, and manufacturing of high-quality fly lines, leaders, and tippet materials for anglers worldwide. Over the years, RIO has continuously evolved and expanded its product offerings to meet the diverse needs of fly fishing enthusiasts, becoming a respected and trusted name in the industry.

RIO stands out from other fly line manufacturers due to its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. Their lines are designed to optimize casting performance, reduce memory, and enhance durability. RIO's proprietary technologies, such as ConnectCore, MaxFloat Tip, and AgentX, enable them to create superior fly lines that cater to a wide range of fly fishing scenarios and angler preferences.

Check out some of their most popular lines:

Rio Creek Fly Line: The Rio Creek Fly Line is specifically designed for small creeks and streams, where delicate presentations and accurate casts are essential. Its front taper provides a soft, gentle turnover, while the short head length makes casting in tight quarters easy. This line is ideal for anglers targeting trout in confined environments.

Rio Creek Premier Fly Line: Similar to the standard Rio Creek Fly Line, the Rio Creek Premier Fly Line offers enhanced performance in small creeks and streams. Featuring an upgraded low-stretch ConnectCore Plus core and a durable SureFire triple color marking system, the Creek Premier Fly Line delivers improved sensitivity, accuracy, and casting control for the most demanding angling situations.

Rio Directcore Jungle Fly Line: Designed for fishing in hot, jungle environments, the Rio Directcore Jungle Fly Line boasts a hard tropical coating and a low-memory Directcore, allowing for excellent line management and accurate casts. Its aggressive front taper can turn over heavy flies and wind-resistant patterns, making it perfect for targeting large, tropical species like peacock bass and golden dorado.

Rio Elite Flats Pro Fly Line: The Rio Elite Flats Pro Fly Line is a top-tier saltwater line engineered for flats fishing. Its low-stretch DirectCore construction ensures accurate casts, while the low-memory line lies straight on the water for minimal tangling. The SureFire color system and a short front taper provide effortless distance and excellent presentation, making it ideal for bonefish, permit, and tarpon.

Rio Elite Tropical Outbound Short Fly Line: Specifically designed for tropical conditions, the Rio Elite Tropical Outbound Short Fly Line features a short, aggressive head for quick-loading and maximum distance. The line's tropical coating and DirectCore technology allow for efficient casting, even in the hottest conditions. Ideal for saltwater species like tarpon, jacks, and trevally, this line delivers reliable performance in challenging environments.

Rio Euro Nymph Shorty Line: The Rio Euro Nymph Shorty Line is an ultra-thin, low-stretch line that is specifically designed for European nymphing techniques. Its minimalist design provides excellent sensitivity and easy line management, allowing anglers to detect subtle strikes and maintain control during drifts. With a short length, it can be added to any single-handed fly line to convert it into a Euro nymphing setup.

Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line: Designed to meet FIPS Mouche competition standards, the Rio FIPS Euro Nymph Fly Line features an ultra-thin diameter for minimal drag and a low-stretch core for increased sensitivity. Its slim profile and high-visibility tip help anglers track their drifts and detect strikes effectively, making it a must-have for competitive Euro nymphing enthusiasts.

Rio Gold Elite Fly Line: The Rio Gold Elite Fly Line is a versatile, all-around fly line that offers exceptional performance for a wide range of fly fishing situations. Its low-stretch ConnectCore Plus core enhances sensitivity and casting control, while the SureFire color system and MaxCast hydrophobic coating improve line visibility and floatation. This line is perfect for anglers targeting trout and other freshwater species.

Rio Gold Premier Fly Line: The Rio Gold Premier Fly Line builds upon the success of the Gold series, offering enhanced performance and durability. With its ConnectCore and SureFire color system, this line provides excellent casting control, line management, and floatation. The Gold Premier is well-suited for a variety of freshwater fly fishing applications, from casting dry flies to nymphing and streamers.

Rio GripShooter Fly Line: The Rio GripShooter Fly Line is a unique shooting line designed for efficient distance casting in both freshwater and saltwater environments. Its coated handling section offers a comfortable grip, while the slick, low-memory running line ensures smooth casts with minimal tangles. The GripShooter is perfect for anglers using shooting head systems in pursuit of salmon, steelhead, or other species.

Rio InTouch OutBound Short Fly Line: Designed for distance casting, the Rio InTouch OutBound Short Fly Line features a short, aggressive front taper and a long belly, making it easy to load and shoot line. Its ConnectCore technology enhances sensitivity and reduces line stretch, allowing for improved line management and control. This line is suitable for freshwater and saltwater applications, including targeting bass, pike, musky, and saltwater species.

Rio Mainstream Trout WF Fly Line: The Rio Mainstream Trout WF Fly Line is an affordable, all-purpose fly line designed for novice to intermediate anglers. Its weight-forward design and supple, memory-free core ensure easy casting and efficient line management. This line is an excellent choice for those new to fly fishing or looking for a budget-friendly option.

Rio Outbound Short Premier Fly Line:The Rio Outbound Short Premier Fly Line is an advanced line designed for distance casting and fast-loading rods. Its short head and long belly allow for quick, powerful casts, while the low-stretch ConnectCore provides sensitivity and control. This line is suitable for a variety of applications, from targeting freshwater species like bass and pike to saltwater pursuits.

Rio Perception Elite Fly Line:The Rio Perception Elite Fly Line is a high-performance line designed to enhance casting accuracy and line control. Its low-stretch ConnectCore Plus technology offers improved sensitivity and hook-setting capabilities, while the SureFire color system aids in distance control. Ideal for a range of freshwater applications, the Perception Elite is perfect for anglers seeking precision and performance.

Rio Predator Elite Fly Line: Engineered for targeting large, aggressive fish, the Rio Predator Elite Fly Line features a short, powerful head for turning over large flies and handling heavy winds. Its low-stretch ConnectCore Plus core ensures accurate casts and solid hook sets, while the aggressive front taper provides ample power for casting large, wind-resistant patterns. This line is perfect for pursuing species like pike, musky, and peacock bass.

Rio Premier Streamer Tip Fly Line: The Rio Premier Streamer Tip Fly Line is designed for streamer fishing in various water conditions. Its short, aggressive head and integrated sinking tip enable easy casting and efficient depth control. With ConnectCore technology for enhanced sensitivity and a SureFire color system for easy line management, this line is perfect for targeting trout, bass, and other species with streamers.