Rio Gold Fly Line

The RIO Gold has a revolutionary taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance, a unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2. The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher. The RIO Gold Tournament version of this line is designed for long distance casting events, and features an extra-long head for maximum distance. Front biased weight to load rods at close range Taper design to cast flies between #22 and #2 Long head for ultimate casting control

Rio Gold Fly Line

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Rio Gold Fly Line Reviews

Solid Line Review by Chuck
Posted on 6/26/17
I've fished SA lines for years and decided to try out Rio Gold on my new 4wt. So far I have been very pleased. It isn't quite as heavy as GPX but still loads the rod nicely and has no issues turning over heavy nymphs and it presents dry flies with delicacy. As mentioned, the running line does seem to have some memory issues. Not a big deal for me though.
Great fly line Review by Nestor
Posted on 4/9/17
Great line. Works well
Great fly line Review by Nestor
Posted on 4/9/17
This us the best fly line I have used. Works well with my rod and reel. Would purchase again.
Versatile for most outfits ,Durability is a question mark. Review by enzo
Posted on 9/22/16
Currently have this line in my 5wt and 6wt general trout outfits, I must say that it really is a versatile line ,especially on 5wt thomas & thomas ,great caster and mends nicely in nymphing situations. However I have had issues with it breaking off ,maybe due to a hidden crack or wear. Which puts to question its durability to abrasion and structure. All in all the rio gold line will balance out a variety of outfits as well as handle many fishing situations from dry flies to slinging sizable streamers.
A great versatile line, too much memory Review by Larry
Posted on 6/7/16
I have Rio Gold in both 4 and 5 wt in the standard core. It's a very versatile line which has performed well with casting dries, dry-dropper and nymph setups. It glides nicely through the guides and turns over the flies well while still allowing for delicate presentation of small dry flies. My one complaint is I have found the running line to have a fair amount of memory.
Still A Great Line Review by John E
Posted on 4/6/16
After reading Tridents thorough reviews on a number of fly lines, I took Ben's recommendation on the 3WF Rio Gold (Melon/Dun) for my 8-6 3 wt Winston GVX. This line worked great for me. It enabled me to cast easily to 45 ft, in a fair amount of wind. The line delivered a small dry fly very gently when paired with a 9 ft Rio Suppleflex # 5 leader.
Wish It Was Tougher Review by David
Posted on 8/19/15
I used this line on my three weight for small Driftless trout streams in the Midwest. For the most part it cast well with a variety of flies. However, I thought it's durability was questionable at best. I didn't even get a seasons worth of casting out of it due to all the nicks and cracks that happened in the line. I am not saying I am best caster but I was surprised. I switched to the Scientific Anglers Trout line and did not have this problem. 75 dollars for less than a season of fishing is tough to swallow.
Replacing all my freshwater lines Review by Ed
Posted on 10/10/14
This is the best line I have ever used. It's smooth and accurate. But most of all it doesn't spook fish. I fish tailwaters in Arkansas and you can cast near, over, all around fish without spooking them. The pale sage color doesn't faze them. I'm a decent fisherman, by no means great, but I consistently do better than the other people around me. I'm convinced the line is the difference. The fact that it's easy to cast is icing on the cake. One by one, I'm replacing all my brightly colored fly lines with Rio Gold.

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Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
WF4F 90ft 27.4m 175 46ft 14m Orange $74.95
WF5F 90ft 27.4m 186 47ft 14.3m Orange $74.95
WF6F 100ft 30.5m 220 48ft 14.6m Orange $74.95
WF5F 90ft 27.4m 186 47ft 14.3m Lumalux $74.95
WF8F 100ft 30.5m 220 48ft 14.6m Lumalux $74.95
WF6F 100ft 30.5m 315 50ft 15.2m Lumalux $74.95
WF3F 80ft 24.4m 155 45ft 13.7m Moss/Gold $74.95
WF4F 90ft 27.4m 175 46ft 14m Moss/Gold $74.95
WF5F 90ft 27.4m 186 47ft 14.3m Moss/Gold $74.95
WF6F 100ft 30.5m 220 48ft 14.6m Moss/Gold $74.95
WF7F 100ft 30.5m 280 49ft 14.9m Moss/Gold $74.95
WF8F 100ft 30.5m 315 50ft 15.2m Moss/Gold $74.95
WF9F 100ft 30.5m 345 50ft 15.2m Moss/Gold $74.95
WF4F 90ft 27.4m 175 46ft 14m Melon/Gray Dun $74.95
WF5F 90ft 27.4m 186 47ft 14.3m Melon/Gray Dun $74.95
WF6F 100ft 30.5m 220 48ft 14.6m Melon/Gray Dun $74.95
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