Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

Fluoroflex Plus is 100% fluorocarbon and the strongest, thinnest fluorocarbon on the market with incredible strength Nearly invisible to fish Incredibly supple and ties excellent knots even to nylon tippet and leaders New for 2012: 75yd spools of 0x and 1x

Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet

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Rio Fluoroflex Plus Tippet Reviews

Spr1ngcreek Review by Jeff
Posted on 6/12/17
I fish Rio's fluorocarbon for all kinds of nymph and streamer fishing for trout. It's strong, abrasion-resistant and it sinks. (As such, I don't fish or recommend it for dries.). It knots fine, but I wouldn't join it to mono.
Great Stuff, be thoughtful of your knots and straightening Review by BlackRiverMike
Posted on 7/7/16
It's hard to argue that fluorocarbon is invisible, and helpful. Be careful with your knot selection though, as the wrong knot will make you hate this stuff. Also, my experience is that you cannot use your leader straightener with this, as it frays the fluorocarbon and you have to cut it off. Once it's kinked, you may as well start fresh.
Never had any issues Review by Nik
Posted on 3/3/16
I use this stuff as my tippet exclusively now for all my trout fishing. I love it, great knot strength and abrasion resistance. I consider this to be the best tippet material on the market. Rarely do I break off fish on this tippet. Overall I have never had an issue with this material and highly recommend it.
good stuff! Review by Eryck
Posted on 11/30/15
I have this tippet in 3x and 4x and it hasn't let me down! it's strong and flexible and supple. durable against abrasion and very good diameter. it goes quick, so maybe get the 100m! I like the flourocarbon, but can't prove that it helps catch more fish, but i have a feeling it does!
Very Tough and Durable Review by David
Posted on 8/19/15
I use fluorocarbon exclusively now and I love it. The fluoroflex plus is very durable and can take much more abuse than regular nylon line. I feel it does make a substantial difference in catching, the line is much less visible.

The official description does say it's good to tie on to regular nylon line but I find that to be a stretch. It slips and I don't think fluorocarbon should be tied on to nylon. If you're going to spend the money for fluorocarbon, why would you still use nylon. If you do, invest in tippet rings.
Excellent Product Review by Robert
Posted on 7/30/15
The RIO fluorocarbon is all I use when I am trout fishing. I usually stick with the 5x and it rarely (if ever) snaps on me. Even when I have hooked a really big trout, this tippet holds up. And I rarely have to add more. I prefer fluorocarbon and feel it is harder for the East Tennessee trout to see, but that's just my opinion. I definitely recommend this tippet.
Good strength but gets roughed up quick Review by TenaciousP
Posted on 10/28/14
I have used this in the 0x, 1x, and 2x. It is as strong as its rating (almost, I find all fluro leader to be a bit weaker than listed.) The shock strength of Flouroflex is very good for a fluro. However, nymphing in a river I found it gets roughed up by an abrasive bottom quicker than I would like. If you use it, be sure to keep an eye on it and change it out often.
The absolute best Review by seth
Posted on 10/4/12
I buy this in the guide spool as I take kids out freequently and tend to have it snap, wind knots tree branches and other situations. this tipet is tougher than any other brand I have tried and it lasts. not sure if the fish see it any less but the abraision resistance seems to be better than anything else I have tried.

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Leader Material Length Size Leader Test Diameter Price  
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 7x 2.5lb 1.2kg .004in .102mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 6x 3.6lb 1.7kg .005in .127mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 5x 5lb 2.4kg .006in .152mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 4x 7lb 3.3kg .007in .178mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 3x 8.5lb 3.9kg .008in .203mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 2x 12lb 6kg .009in .229mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 1x 13lb 5.9kg .010in .254mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 30yd/27.4m 0x 15lb 6.8kg .011in .279mm $14.95
Fluorocarbon 110yd/100m 7x 2.5lb 1.2kg .004in .102mm $39.95
Fluorocarbon 110yd/100m 6x 3.6lb 1.7kg .005in .127mm $39.95
Fluorocarbon 110yd/100m 5x 5lb 2.4kg .006in .152mm $39.95
Fluorocarbon 110yd/100m 4x 7lb 3.3kg .007in .178mm $39.95
Fluorocarbon 110yd/100m 3x 8.5lb 3.9kg .008in .203mm $39.95
Fluorocarbon 110yd/100m 2x 12lb 5.5kg .009in .229mm $39.95
Fluorocarbon 75yd/68.6m 1x 13lb 5.9kg .010in .254mm $39.95
Fluorocarbon 75yd/68.6m 0x 15lb 6.8kg .011in .279mm $39.95
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