Rio Fluoroflex Steelhead Leaders

Leaders are made from 100% fluorocarbon and have high abrasion resistance and great knot strength. Perfect for summer fishing and low, clear rivers Use with Fluoroflex tippet material

Rio Fluoroflex Steelhead Leaders

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Rio Fluoroflex Steelhead Leaders Reviews

Fluoroflex all the way! Review by David
Posted on 11/28/15
I used these leaders extensively this fall fishing the legendary Brule River for steelhead. The water conditions were low, fish were spooky and over-pressured but these leaders made all the difference. I fished this and, quite literally, it was the difference between catching and not catching a fish. I caught several steelhead while my brother caught none (using standard tippet).
It has practically no visibility in the water and is tough as nails. I was nymphing deep and quite often snagged rocks and debris. However, after a good yank it was unhooked and the line had no abrasion. Your $800 fly is no good if the fish can see your line too!

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Length Size Leader Test Diameter Shock Test (Lb.) Leader Material Price  
10ft/3m 8lb 3.6kg .009in .235mm Fluorocarbon $12.95
10ft/3m 10lb 4.5kg .010in .254mm Fluorocarbon $12.95
10ft/3m 12lb 5.5kg .011in .279mm Fluorocarbon $12.95
10ft/3m 16lb 7.3kg .014in .355mm Fluorocarbon $12.95
10ft/3m 20lb 9.1kg .016in .402mm Fluorocarbon $12.95
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