Rio Fluoroflex Leaders

RIO Fluoroflex tapered leaders are the solution when a nearly invisible presentation is required for wary fish. 100% fluorocarbon with high abrasion-resistance Excellent knot strength Leaders have a long butt section for easy turnover

Rio Fluoroflex Leaders

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Rio Fluoroflex Leaders Reviews

The Right Stuff Review by eq
Posted on 11/30/15
When it comes to leader and tippet, it makes sense to spare no expense. even though it's pricey to get Flouroflex line, I believe it helps the line be more invisible in the water. The leaders turn the fly over well and are strong and abrasion resistant. Go get em!
Great Leader Review by Robert
Posted on 7/31/15
When it comes to fishing trout, RIO is the only line I use. These leaders are no exception. I love the fluorocarbon for an almost invisible line and they last a really long time. I change my leader maybe once a summer when I fish 4-5 weekends a month. I also love their tippet. Go ahead and get this leader and their tippet and you will be set with quality line that won't snap when you hook a huge trout.

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Length Size Leader Test Diameter Shock Test (Lb.) Leader Material Price  
9ft/2.7m 7x 2lb 0.9kg .004in .102mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 6x 3lb 1.4kg .005in .127mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 5x 4lb 1.8kg .006in .152mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 4x 5lb 2.3kg .007in .152mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 3x 6lb 2.7kg .008in .203mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 2x 8lb 3.6kg .009in .229mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 1x 10lb 4.5kg .010in .254mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
9ft/2.7m 0x 12lb 5.5kg .011in .279mm Fluorocarbon $11.99
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