Lamson Litespeed Series IV Fly Reel

Lamson Litespeed Series IV Fly Reel 10

Most notably, the spool/stripping arm geometry that was introduced on the very earliest Litespeeds has been changed to make it consistent with our newer reels, which do a better job of preventing snags and line damage. Still a close second to a Force SL in trout sizes, the Litespeed is the reliable thoroughbred of the Lamson line.

**Series IV spools are not compatible with previous model Litespeeds.
**Actual color may vary from image above

Format: Large Arbor
Materials: Machined Aluminum,stainless steel
Finish: Hard Alox
Ship Days within 24 Hours
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Lamson Litespeed Series IV Fly Reel Reviews

Great reel Review by Tomoya
Posted on 4/20/17
Great reel for the money.Super light weight with impressive drag.This is my second Lamson and I am very pleased.
Great reel Review by Mark
Posted on 4/15/17
Very light, good drag and excellent price. What's not to love?
nice reel Review by Kevin
Posted on 4/7/17
Nice reel. Great workmanship and finish. Drag worked great fighting a couple of steelhead this past week (14lb male being the largest) in fast river water. Was my first trip with this reel, so cannot speak to longevity yet. Worked well in the rain we had. Wish the spools would go on sale like the reels did....
Great Price Review by Hillbilly
Posted on 4/4/17
Have not had a chance to use the reel yet. Waiting for a rod to be built. Price was great and all reviews I read indicate the reel won't disappoint. Delivery was extremely fast even with backing included. Look forward to getting on the water with this.
Lamson Litespeed Series IV #4 Fly Reel Review by RIKI
Posted on 3/8/17
I purchased two Litespeed Series-IV #4 reels to complete a couple spey rod outfits. Lamson is my favorite reel manufacturer and the Litespeed didn't disappoint. I couldn't resist the clearance price for such a quality light-weight reel with its smooth drag, large capacity spool, and fast retrieval rate. I'm looking forward to many years of use and passing these reels on to my sons.
Best. Reels. Ever. Review by Brian
Posted on 2/21/17
You will never regret buying a Lamson. From the Guru or Remix to the ARX or Vanquish, you can always rest assured that you are getting the most formidable, reliable, good-looking and flawlessly designed reel. The money is not an object as you won't get a better product to dollar ratio out there.

This Litespeed series IV is the gem in the lineup, stunning to handle and fight with, drag that will never leave you wanting, and the only envy remaining is with those on the riverbank that DON'T have one.

Made in USA, best in class, keep-you-awake-at-night with dreams of big fish on this machine, approach any lunker in complete confidence.
Lamson Litespeed IV reel Review by Thomas
Posted on 2/8/17
I have recently purchased this reel to go with a R.L. Winston 5 wt rod. The service I received from Trident has been first rate and I found the reviews to be spot on. I used the reel recently on a local river and found it balanced very well and was smooth even in the cold temperatures. I will definitely be getting another Lamson reel for my next rod. Trident Fly Fishing is a first rate shop with excellent service.
Spool popped off Review by Ross
Posted on 2/1/17
I purchased the Lightspeed IV reel last week and fished it a few days ago for the first time. I hooked a 12lb steelhead and as the fish made a long run, the spool popped off. The guide tried hard to get it back on but I ended up having to manage the fish with no reel. It's blind luck that I was able to land it. I can't recommend this reel.
Quality reel and excellent Trident service Review by Lee G
Posted on 1/27/17
The Lightspeed reel makes a great Sage rod even better. The reel with its minimal weight balances perfectly on my favorite 5 wt trout rod! The excellent, fast service from Trident is as good as it gets!
great but be careful choosing lines Review by James H
Posted on 7/24/16
I actually bought a spool from Trident just to show appreciation for their great "shoot-out" research. I already had the reel. Of course the Litespeed IV is great but I will say that unless you use a traditional taper line, e.g., weight forward, you may run into a capacity problem unawares if you try to buy a "6" weight line. I wanted to use the series 2 on my sage 11 foot 6 weight which is a "switch" rod and if you try to put something like the outbound or other spey-switch lines, even if you use a designated 5- or 6 weight, you'll be hard pressed to get much in the way of backing on it. I would probably have done better to get a series 3 even though my rods are 5 and 6 weight, because of that. Also, when you dial the drag back down to the minimum, which I do when using tiny 22-26 size midges and small baetis not to rip the hook out, you can fairly easily go beyond the limit and start unscrewing the drag knob itself. So, yes, terrific reel but I would venture that maybe decreasing the spool's base diameter by 1/4 inch or so would still allow you to use those weird-tapered switch, spey, skagit lines with some backing, and just use more backing if you use the traditional tapers. And just don't get too enthusiastic when backing the drag down to the minimum or you'll unscrew the knob!
Lamson Litespeed series IV Review by Charles
Posted on 4/26/16
I recently purchased a series IV Litespeed 1.5 to match with my 8.5" R.L. Winston B IIIX 4 weight. It was a great match! The Litespeed is simply one of the best overall reels I now own and it is worth every penny. The drag is very precise, the finish and durability...excellent and the overall design is perfect. The weight of the reel is surprisingly light. You will not go wrong buying this reel.
The Litespeed Series IV reel is worth every penny! Review by Shain
Posted on 1/8/16
This is my first Waterworks-Lamson reel (size 2 for my 5wt trout setup) and I must say, it has made me a believer! It's pure genius that they are able to have such a light weight reel be so structurally rigid and possess such a fantastic drag. The drag is silky smooth yet boast numbers somewhere in the 6+ pound range for the size 2 reel that weighs under 4oz. It has a good sound too. My one negative would be that the drag adjustment knob is a little small, but it does provide for a very wide rage of adjustment and no matter how tight or loose you run the drag it remains smooth as can be and with very little to no start up inertia. On my old reel (from a different manufacturer) I lost some big trout because my drag would stick and take too much force to get it going - well not with the Litespeed. I haven't had the pleasure of hooking into anything bigger than an 18" rainbow on this reel so far but just from the couple of times out with it I am fully confident that the drag with handle large trout with ease.

Great drag (super smooth and very strong for a 5wt), good sound, extremely light weight, rigid construction yet very refined looking, and I almost forgot to mention that it is extremely durable due to the hard alox coating.

Well worth every penny and my next reel purchase will definitely be a Lamson Litespeed 3.5 for my 8wt Steelhead setup.
Great Reel, Great Transaction Review by Nathan
Posted on 9/23/15
I bought the Lamson Litespeed series IV 2 reel two months ago and after multiple trips out on the water I now have a new appreciation for a quality reel. Simple issues that I've grown use to over the years of using a cheap fly reel, simply vanished. I couldn't be more impressed with the quality and function of the Lamson Litespeed series IV 2 reel. This reel is smooth and holds all of my line, so when I'm fishing I'm not having to worry about my reel functioning properly. Finally I have to say I was impressed that Trident had my order shipped right away and a percentage of my transaction was donated to Project Healing Waters. Overall, I am a very satisfied customer.
Great Reel Review by Robert
Posted on 8/4/15
After seeing that the LItespeed IV won the reel shootout, I had to check it out. Went and tried on out at a local fly shop and I was blown away. It weighs very little, it has a fantastic drag, feels great, looks great and seems to be extremely durable. This is a fantastic reel.
The Best Reel Review by Benjamin
Posted on 2/18/15
This reel is incredible. The drag is incredibly smooth, but the thing i love most is the weight and durability of the finish. The quality of the reel is unmatched and it is quite stunning in person.
nice improvements Review by Kyle
Posted on 10/17/14
I'm the proud owner of several litspeeds and even though they've gone through several changes in the last 3 years they seem to have gotten all the glitches out with the latest version. Light weight, nice finish, smooth drag. Great value
The best reels ever Review by Wojciech
Posted on 10/9/14
I have got three Lamson Litespeed reels. I have got the previous models and the latest model of this reel.I have used these reels for 10 years. I have never had any problems with them.These reels don't require any maintenance, are trouble-free,the drag functions flawlessly. The reels look great, they are made from the best materials. They cost less than reels from other companies,like:Hatch, Nautilus,Galvan.Considering it all,they are absolutely the best reels on the market.
Best Regards

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Model Diameter Weight Arbor Size Drag Type Capacity Line Weight Color Price  
Litespeed 4 4.50" 7.95 oz Large Conical 250 yds 30# 10, 11 Grey $229.95
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