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The Lamson Guru fly reel offers performance and aesthetics that are far beyond its affordable price tag. It's a fully machined, large arbor reel that's available at a fantastic price. If you're looking for an inexpensive reel with all the benefits of a large arbor then the Lamson Guru is an excellent choice.

The Lamson Guru shares a number of design features with more expensive Lamson reels. The drag design, for example, is identical to some of the company's premium reels. When it comes to top quality performance for an affordable price tag, there are few reels that can match the Guru.

Like Lamson's other reels, the Guru is designed with true large arbor ratios. It's available with weights of 7 through to 11. The Lamson Guru 3 fly reel is for line weights of 7 and 8, while the Guru 4 is for 10, 11 weights. Both versions of the reel include a conical drag system and have low startup inertia.

The Lamson Guru fly reel is manufactured with machined 6061 aluminum for a lightweight design. The anodized Type 2 finish completes the attractive appearance of the reel while increasing durability.

The reel features the arm-style frame and open spoke design that's become associated with Lamson's more expensive models. This structure isn't just for show – it increases the overall strength of the reel while reducing weight. With the Lamson Guru fly reel, you really do get top quality performance for a fraction of the price.
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Lamson Guru Fly Reel Reviews

Quality reel Review by Curtis
Posted on 1/2/16
I bought the 1.5 to mate with a 4-wt. rod. I love the machined durability and the large arbor. I've had a Konic for a few years and love the drag, which is the main reason I bought this one. The reason I rated it 4 is that at its lowest setting the drag still feels too strong to protect light tippets. But it seems to be loosening up a bit as I break it in by stripping line off, so I think it'll be fine.
Quality Reel in the Lower price range Review by TenaciousP
Posted on 12/1/15
I have the 3.5 on a 4wt switch rod for smallies. I really like the quality (and the USA). The drag feels smooth and is more than enough for anything I will throw at it. Durability is amazing on this. The spool is spacious.

I can't give it 5 starts for 2 reasons. First, the drag knob is very small and hard to adjust in an emergency with a fish on. I don't like to do that, but sometimes it happens. The second thing is that when you have the drag all the way loose, there is still a notable amount of resistance.

All in all, I would buy it again.
Tremendous value Review by David
Posted on 11/23/15
Mated a 1.5 to a 8'6" 5wt Redington Torrent and my wife loves that rig. Smooth and easy to adjust drag is the strength of this design, but it also looks and sounds phenomenal. It is a pleasure to use.
Quality Gear at Value Pricing Review by Richard
Posted on 10/28/15
This reel is all you need for any Rig.
Impressive Review by J R
Posted on 10/20/15
Great service and love the reel!
Best bang for the buck in a USA made fly reel. Review by Bruce
Posted on 10/17/15
The Guru is a quality reel, you can spend a lot more money for a reel that weighs an ounce less but it probably won't work any better. I now own 3 of them. Being made in the USA was an important factor me as well.

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