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Lamson’s frameless reel series, the Force SL, has been remade to be even lighter than before. The Series II features enhanced CNC machining, better structural development, and more fluid styling. Lamson made this reel incredibly durable without increasing the overall reel weight. The reel is also available in three different color schemes for style and functionality on the water. If you’re looking for the lightest reel with the highest line pickup available, this is it.



Use the Force - The Force SL Series II fly reel was designed to be the lightest machined fly reel on the market. The engineering of the Force SL leaves an exposed spool to decreased overall reel weight. The Series II features a larger arbor size and one of the lowest weight to arbor size ratios on the market. Like all the Lamson reels we love the Force SL has a sealed conical drag system that stops fish in their tracks.



Hard Alox - The finish on the Force SL is made to protect the reel when it’s dropped or dinged. Hard Alox is strong and durable for increased reel life and worry-free angling. Lamson uses this finish on other reels and it’s a great agent for durability without added weight.



Machined 6061 Aluminum - The Force SL is built with 6061 Aluminum which has a few benefits. 6061 is both abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. If you happen to drop or ding your reel, 6061 resists corrosion even when abraded. This type of aluminum is commonly used in aircraft and boat/automotive construction and contributes to the Force SL’s lightweight, durable construction. The reel also includes parts that are Stainless Steel.



Type - The Force SL, like many other Lamson reels, comes with a sealed Conical Drag System. A Conical Drag is lightweight and extremely strong. Lamson is known for this system and they’ve perfected it over many years of research, development, and design.

Materials - The Conical Drag of the Force SL is made with a proprietary Teflon/Delrin Alloy that’s blitzing strong and seriously lightweight. Lamson has perfected the balance of weight vs. strength in this reel and this proprietary Alloy is a major reason why.


Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor of the Force SL increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest fish in both saltwater and freshwater scenarios. Most contemporary fly reels are made with a large arbor design to allow anglers to pick up as much line as possible with as little work as possible.



Waterworks-Lamson Lifetime Warranty - Lamson’s Lifetime Warranty is valid for any defect in material or workmanship for the original owner of the fly reel. As of October 2019, Lamson charges a $30 reel warranty shipping and handling fee.


More Info

Best for: Freshwater, Trout


Arbor Size: Large


Reel ModelDiameterWeightArbor SizeDrag TypeCapacityLine WeightColorPrice 
5+4.1 in.3.31 oz.LargeConical125 yds 20#5Azure$629.99
7+4.4 in.3.7 oz.LargeConical180 yds 20#7Azure$649.99
5+4.1 in.3.31 oz.LargeConical125 yds 20#5Thermal$629.99
7+4.4 in.3.7 oz.LargeConical180 yds 20#7Thermal$649.99
5+4.1 in.3.31 oz.LargeConical125 yds 20#5Flash$629.99
7+4.4 in.3.7 oz.LargeConical180 yds 20#7Flash$649.99
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