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An excellent material for small to medium sized baitfish patterns, Just Add H20’s Polar Fibre can tie anything from small saltwater Surf Candies to oversized sculpin patterns. Polar Fibre is an incredibly soft synthetic material that breathes in the water, has a natural taper, comes in a bunch of different colors, and sheds water very well. Both simple to work with at the vise and on the water, Polar Fibre creates easy-casting patterns and it comes on a long synthetic “hide” that makes for seamless storage and painless handling. An important tying material whether you pursue saltwater or freshwater species, Polar Fibre is a synthetic that we should all have ready to go. 



Just Add H20’s Polar Fibre is a material with many uses. Commonly used for tails and wings on fresh or saltwater streamers, Polar Fibre breathes in the water and displays an irresistible and lifelike motion. However, wings and tails aren’t all that Polar Fibre is capable of. It’s also a great material to work into streamer brushes, craft shrimp bodies and antennae, and because of its water-shedding abilities, it’s a solid choice for tailing material on popper flies. Polar Fibre also takes marker very well for those times whenever you need to blend some colors together.



Although Polar Fibre is in a class of its own, it’s commonly compared to Craft Fur. Both are similar in that they are synthetic materials that shed water, breathe well in the water, and come on a synthetic “hide,” but the materials themselves differ a bit in consistency. Polar Fibre is considerably softer and has fibers that are more fine, and despite Craft Fur also being soft, it’s a little more coarse when compared to Polar Fibre. 


Example Flies

Polar Fibre has many different applications and everyone has their preferred use, but a few of the more famous patterns using Polar Fibre are:

  • Polar Fibre Minnow
  • Bonefish Junk Fly


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