Jurassic Scud Fly

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Tied by Umpqua Feather Merchants.


From the Jurassic Lake in Argentina, large western tailwaters, to small eastern limestone creeks, the Jurassic Scud Fly can take on them all. A great fly for imitating the large scuds in reservoirs and other healthy ecosystems, this fly is one that saves the day whenever fish are solely keyed in on scuds. Scuds are a freshwater crustacean that prefer clean water and live in vegetation, so those areas with watercress and other aquatic flora are a great choice for fishing this fly. 


The Jurassic Scud takes on a very realistic look, and is tied so that it’s retrieved backwards, which is just how the naturals swim. Since this fly has a little bit of crossover between still and moving water, it can be fished a number of ways. In stillwater environments, a slow retrieve often gets the job done, while in moving water, it’s usually best to stick to some type of dead drifting technique. Regardless of where you take it, the Jurassic Scud is a fly that just might help you fool one of those reservoir lunkers.


Colors Available:

Gray, Olive, Tan


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Due to the handmade nature of this product, the product you receive may vary from the photos. Please note that flies that are not individually packaged are not returnable.


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