Jumbo Juju Chironomid Fly

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Inspired by the large early-season chironomid pupae that are so common in alpine lakes, Charlie Craven’s Jumbo Juju Chironomid Fly has proven itself as a go-to chironomid pattern for many. Adapting similar techniques to his Jujubee Midge, Charlie’s Jumbo Juju Chironomid features the segmented SuperHair body his flies are known for, a flashback wingcase, a bead head, and a coating of resin that’s tough as can be. And while the bead adds weight, it also does a fine job of imitating the gills of these lake chironomids. 


Chironomids vary in size depending on the time of year and where you’re fishing, but having the Jumbo Juju Chironomid Fly in sizes 12-16 will usually allow you to match the naturals. And when it comes to fishing this pattern, there are a few options, with hanging the fly under an indicator or a very slow hand twist retrieve being two favorites. Bringing realism and durability to chironomid patterns in a way of its own, the Jumbo Juju Chironomid is a strong addition to any stillwater box. 


Colors Available:

Blood, Olive, Zebra


Sizes Available:

12, 14, 16


Due to the handmade nature of this product, the product you receive may vary from the photos. Please note that flies that are not individually packaged are not returnable.


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