Iron Lotus Jig Tungsten Bead Fly

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Whether you’re looking to get deep to match those BWO nymphs before they emerge or just need a super-reliable fly for Euro Nymphing, the Iron Lotus Jig Tungsten Bead Fly is the right choice for it all. Taking design inspiration from Lance Egan’s famous Iron Lotus Nymph, this pattern has a similar design of a ribbed body, slim tail, dark wingcase, and red thread, but it differs in the addition of a tungsten bead and a jig style hook. Two solid additions to the Iron Lotus platform, this allows your fly to ride hook point up to prevent snags while allowing you to get deep in the water column fast.


The Iron Lotus Jig Tungsten Bead is a nymph that you can fish all year long, with early spring and fall being prime times since that’s when a lot of olives begin to hatch. This fly can be fished under an indicator or on a tight line Euro Nymph setup, and it’s always a great choice to add into a multi-nymph rig. 


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