Rio InTouch Gold Fly Line

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InTouch Rio Gold, Rio’s all-around, trout-centered fly line, is made for loop stability and presentation. This line is perfect for anglers prospecting medium-sized rivers, fishing dry flies on a tailwater at longer distances, or nymphing on a larger trout stream. Rio has truly designed this line to accommodate the widest range of rods and angling techniques. The result? A fly line that may be one of the most popular trout lines in the industry.



ConnectCore and InTouch - Rio’s ConnectCore Technology means this line has ultra-low stretch and intimate sensitivity. The phrase ‘InTouch’ means this line provides a better overall connection between the angler and the fish and the line’s low-stretch build is a large reason for this improved angler/fish connection. This also means that subtle takes are more detectable, hook sets are easier, and an angler who prefers to make a longer cast won’t have to worry as much about line management when fishing dry flies.



Long Head, Light Line - The taper on the InTouch Rio Gold has a longer head length of 47-feet to make river casting at both medium and long distances easy and efficient. The line is light overall which makes delicacy and finesse one of its strong suits. The line taper is also designed for precise mending capabilities and sharp loops in the air. What’s also nice about this line taper is that it widens the timing window during an angler’s cast to provide the most performance to the widest range of casting styles.



Trout - This line is made for a variety of trout angling scenarios. As a versatile, all-around line, the InTouch Rio Gold is a great choice for the angler with a fast casting stroke but also caters to anglers with slower strokes. Whether you’re an expert trout angler or just getting your feet wet, this line provides a lot of performance for river anglers in search of trout.


Line Weight Length Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Color Price  
WF5F 90ft 27.4m 186gr 46ft 14m Floating Moss/Gray/Gold $99.99
WF7F 100ft 30.5m 282gr 48ft 14.6m Floating Moss/Gray/Gold $99.99
WF8F 100ft 30.5m 327gr 49ft 14.9m Floating Moss/Gray/Gold $99.99
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