Henrys Fork Foam Stone Dry Fly

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Tied by Umpqua Feather Merchants

Available in sizes 4, 6, 8, 10, depending on color

Available in colors Gold, Salmon


Large Stoneflies fly during a short period of time in the western US and beyond every year. During Stonefly hatches, trout gorge on large bugs on the surface and can be very easy to fool. That being said, as the hatch dwindles down, trout get pickier and warier. The Henry’s Fork Foam Stone features a lifelike design to help you catch fish no matter how picky they are.



Foam, High-Floating, Dry Fly - The Henry’s Fork Foam Stone features a foam body and head, synthetic wing, rubber legs, and is tied on a long shank hook. This is a bulky fly so choose your leader, tippet, and rod accordingly. The wing is purposefully over-built to keep the fly ‘high and dry’ but can be cut down to fish the fly lower on the surface. This fly is tied by Mike Lawson, an Umpqua Signature Tyer.



Dry Fly River Fishing - This is a fly pattern that’s made for river fishing in the western US and anywhere Stoneflies hatch in mass numbers. It’s a fly that’s slightly more technical than the Chubby Chernobyl and one that should be used as a dry fly or a dry-dropper setup. This Foam Stone was designed specifically for the Henry’s Fork and other spring creek-like fisheries but can be used to target finicky trout just about anywhere.



Stoneflies, Hoppers - While this is primarily a Stonefly imitation, it can be fished as a hopper, too. The Henry’s Fork Foam Stone comes in two different colors, Gold and Salmon, to imitate two different Stonefly hatches. Salmon flies hatch in large numbers in the western US every year and the Salmon color is perfect for that hatch. Golden Stones are also present and the gold color works when that particular Stonefly crawls on the bank, hatches, then lands on the water.



Trout - As you’ve probably gathered, this is a trout fly designed for fishing in rivers, streams, lakes, and freshwater environments. This isn’t a saltwater fly and should be used only when targeting trout that are feeding on the surface or fish that are likely to rise for a large meal.


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Best for: Freshwater, Trout


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