Hedron Strung Fuzzy Fiber

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Hedron’s Strung Fuzzy Fiber is a long synthetic material that’s great for tying into wings of large streamers or working into a dubbing look to create compact yet bulky heads on flies. As its name implies, Strung Fuzzy Fiber is “strung” together for easy preparation with minimal mess. The material itself comes in a wide variety of colors and has a semi-coarse, wavy crinkle to it that’s perfect for adding quick bulk and volume. A strong and durable material that can be incorporated into a bunch of different patterns and fly styles, you can reach for the Strung Fuzzy Fiber whether you’re building long streamers patterns, looking for quick bulk, or even crafting small crab bodies.



With the fibers being about 10” in length, Strung Fuzzy Fiber is perfect for creating streamer tails, wings, and bodies for flies large and small. And because of Strung Fuzzy Fiber’s crinkled structure, it’s an excellent material to spin into a dubbing loop whenever you want to quickly create bulk to build streamer heads. Another solid use for Strung Fuzzy Fiber is to use it to make “yarn” style crab bodies that are super durable. While Strung Fuzzy Fiber is an excellent choice when tying large streamers or building bodies, it’s also a material that’s fine enough to use as a trailing nymphal shuck on emerger patterns. A material that can be used for a ton of different patterns and styles, Strung Fuzzy Fiber should always be on your tying desk.



There are other synthetic materials similar to Strung Fuzzy Fiber, but none exactly alike. While Steve Farrar Blend offers similar length with a close degree of rigidity, it’s not nearly as crinkled and doesn’t have the ability to instantly create volume like Strung Fuzzy Fiber--Steve Farrar Blend is also mixed with a fine flash while Strung Fuzzy Fiber doesn’t have any integrated flash. Another material that’s close to Strung Fuzzy Fiber would be Enrico Puglisi’s EP Fibers. EP Fibers are long, have a crinkle effect, and lack flash like Strung Fuzzy Fiber, but it’s a considerably more limp fiber and can’t be worked into a dubbing loop as easily as Strung Fuzzy Fiber. Also, Strung Fuzzy Fiber is “strung” together, which makes it a little more easy to handle that EP Fibers. Although these materials are similar to Strung Fuzzy Fibers, neither offer exactly what Strung Fuzzy Fibers does.


Example Flies

Hedron’s Strung Fuzzy Fiber is a material that can be worked into a range of flies, but some of the more popular patterns that use this material are Gunner Bramer’s Chosen One and his Articulated Geezer, which are both streamers that feature a head of Strung Fuzzy Fiber wound in a dubbing loop. 

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