Hedron Saltwater Flashabou

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Hedron’s largest size of Flashabou and a material with a long list of applications, Saltwater Flashabou is an excellent choice whenever you want to add some bold color to your patterns. Perfect for tying large streamer patterns for fresh and saltwater conditions, Saltwater Flashabou is easy to work with, comes in a range of different colors, and is 1/16” wide by 10” long. Whether you’re tying massive herring and pogies, big musky flies, or want to give a realistic ribbing to a whacky trout nymph, Saltwater Flashabou is the way to go. Super durable and quick to shed water, Saltwater Flashabou adds lifelike accenting to your flies with ease.



In its most basic sense, Hedron’s Saltwater Flashabou was designed to add flash and bright color to large streamer and baitfish patterns. However, Saltwater Flashabou has more than just one use. It’s a great material for crafting flashback wingcases on nymphs, and it can also be palmered to create flashy bodies on nymphs and even streamers like a Surf Candy or Muddler Minnow. Also, when used as a body material, Saltwater Flashabou creates a nice glow when coated in UV Resin. A useful material for a variety of different purposes, Hedron’s Saltwater Flashabou should have a place on all of our desks whether you fish freshwater, saltwater, or a combo of the two.



Because Saltwater Flashabou is so wide, there aren’t many options of flash that are that large. And while Hedron’s Flashabou is a great substitute if you’re looking to add flash, it lacks the width that Saltwater Flashabou offers. Another Hedron material that’s somewhat similar is their Holographic Magnum Flashabou. This is a large flash material that’s 16” long, but it’s only 1/32” wide, and it also has 3D holographic properties. Although many flash options exist, whenever you’re looking for a wide type of flash, Saltwater Flashabou is the perfect choice.


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