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Hatch has long been a well-known name in the fly reel industry. The second generation of the Finatic puts Hatch at the top of the saltwater fly reel market for a few reasons. First, the drag system on the Gen 2 reels is fully sealed and incredibly durable and efficient. The reels are user-friendly, powerful, and highly durable. Hatch also makes a ton of custom color options to cater to any angler on the market. Plus, Hatch only makes one reel series so all of their R&D goes into one product. If you haven’t fished a Hatch reel, try one today. You’ll surely be glad you did.



Gen 2 Design - The new iteration of the Finatic comes with an improved drag system, tons of custom colors, and two different arbor sizes. Hatch redesigned the original Finatic to be stronger, more durable, and more versatile than ever before. In doing so, they’ve beefed up the weight, too, to help balance heavier fly rods and to increase strength and durability.



Type II Anodized Finish - The anodizing on the Finatic is rigid, strong, and saltwater safe to preserve the structure of the reel and to increase durability. Type II anodizing holds up well to dings and scrapes. It also protects the reel from harsh weather conditions and ensures high performance for the lifetime of the reel.



Machined Aluminum - The Finatic is built with machined Aluminum which has a few benefits. Machined aluminum is both abrasion-resistant and corrosion-resistant. If you happen to drop or ding your reel, this aircraft aluminum resists corrosion even when abraded. The aluminum holds up to saltwater corrosion and weather and wear.



Type - The drag system on the Gen 2 Finatic is built on a multi-disc system. Hatch’s multi-disc drag makes for a smoother, more durable drag that’s maintenance-free and completely sealed. Hatch is known for this bombproof drag system and they’ve completely upgraded it in this second generation of the reel.

Materials - The Finatic’s drag system is built on a carbon fiber/stainless steel disc system. The combination helps the drag system stay smooth and durable without wearing down or ‘freezing’ up. Hatch’s system is incredibly efficient and the materials they use are a large contributing factor to the Finatic’s world-renowned drag.


Arbor Size

Large Arbor - The large arbor of the Finatic increases line pickup and helps anglers fight the largest saltwater and freshwater fish on a single-handed fly rod. The 7 Plus version of the reel picks up almost 10 inches of line per turn with an 8wt fly line. The arbor design also helps with line management and the angler doesn’t have to worry about where his/her line lands on the reel when playing a fish.



Hatch Warranty - As of December 2019, all Hatch reels are guaranteed against manufacturer defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the product by its original owner. The Warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accident, misuse, or modification.


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Best for: Allwater, Flats


Arbor Size: Large


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