Hareline Ultimate Dubbing Brush

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It’s pretty common that the buggiest flies tend to catch the most fish, and when you’re looking to achieve that “buggy” effect to your flies, Hareline’s Ultimate Dubbing Brush makes it nice and easy. A straightforward tool, Hareline’s Ultimate Dubbing Brush features two different sizes of stiff nylon bristles to accommodate anything from tiny nymph bodies to large streamer wings. This brush is easy to use by simply roughing your flies up, and whenever precision is paramount, the larger side has a valley that helps to concentrate your brushing on one area. 


Dual-Sided Construction - With its dual set of bristles, the Ultimate Dubbing Brush accommodates flies of all sizes. From large hair wing streamers in need of a quick tame after a day on the water to a pile of cress bugs that you’re tying up before a day on a spring creek, this brush lets you handle it all with ease. 


The sole purpose of Hareline’s Ultimate Dubbing Brush is to easily pick out dubbing to get that buggy appearance to your flies. However, like all good tools, this dubbing brush is multipurpose in that you can also use it to brush out dubbing brushes, detangle streamers–especially those tied with synthetics–and help situate kinked and tangled fibers on materials like Zonker Strips and other natural furs. 


Hareline’s Ultimate Dubbing Brush Vs Hareline’s Ultimate Stainless Steel Tearing Dubbing Brush - Another option for quickly picking out dubbing fibers is Hareline’s Ultimate Stainless Steel Tearing Dubbing Brush. Unlike the nylon bristles on their Ultimate Dubbing Brush, this brush has Stainless Steel bristles. As you can imagine, stainless steel works to instantly make your flies more buggy, but due to its more tenacious build, it’s not a good choice for doing much else–try and run this through a synthetic streamer wing and you’ll quickly find that your fiber count gets reduced with each pass. However, if you strictly want to pick out fibers on nymphs and streamers, you’ll find that the stainless steel bristles get the job done much faster. 

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