Hareline Steelhead Ice Dub - Multi Color Assortment w/ Dispenser

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From Elk Creek in Erie, Pennsylvania all the way to Washington’s Klickitat River, and everywhere in between, Hareline gives you every color of flashy Ice Dub that you need to catch steelhead with their Steelhead Ice Dub - Multi Color Assortment w/ Dispenser. Ice Dub is a fine dubbing that has bits of shredded mylar in it, and it’s super easy to apply to your thread. This assortment of dubbing comes with twelve of the most popular colors of Ice Dub for catching steelhead, which makes things nice and easy whenever you’re stocking the box for an upcoming trip. Whether you’re tying large streamers or small nymphs, this dubbing assortment has everything that you need to easily add some flashy appeal to your patterns. 



This is a very practical dubbing and can be used in a ton of different ways. Ice Dub is one of those dubbings that you can apply directly to your thread, spin in a loop, or blend with other dubbings whenever you need some flash. A very versatile dubbing, these twelve colors will work great for tying nymph bodies and thoraxes, streamers bodies, and it makes for a great hot spot anytime you need some extra color. And despite this assortment being made for steelhead, these colors of dubbing will work equally well when pursuing other fish such as trout, panfish, smallmouth bass, and more. 



Ice Dub is a great material and one that’s not quite like any others, but one commonly compared item is Ripple Ice Dub. Ripple Ice Dub is also a flashy dubbing, but it is slightly coarser with longer fibers, which makes it a great choice for larger flies or when building bulky dubbing loops. However, if you’re looking for a “do it all” steelhead assortment, then the Steelhead Ice Dub - Multi Color Assortment w/ Dispenser is a hard one to beat.