Hareline Stainless Steel Bead Chain Eyes

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Whether you’re looking to add just a bit of weight or invert tiny bugs like shrimp, Hareline’s Stainless Steel Bead Chain Eyes are just the right choice. Made from stainless steel and available in sizes small through X-large, these eyes will prevent rusting while letting you tie just about any size fly. A great addition to streamers and crustaceans, these Stainless Steel Bead Chain Eyes bring a little bit of weight for the times that lead is just too heavy. Ready for anything from bonefish patterns to smallmouth bass bugs, these eyes are as versatile as they are durable.



Hareline’s Stainless Steel Bead Chain Eyes are commonly used when you need to add weight without sacrificing stealth or want some small eyes on a pattern. Most commonly used for small streamers, crustaceans, and flats flies, these eyes can be used in fresh and saltwater without corrosion, and their range of sizes allows you to adapt them to most sized flies. Versatile and easy to use, these eyes should have a place on all of our tying desks.



Bead Chain Eyes are a commonplace material and there are several options on the market. One item that’s commonly compared to them is Hareline’s Plain Lead Dumbbell Eyes. While they lack the pupil that’s formed by the chain link, these are a similar metal eye but are much heavier due to their lead construction. This makes the lead eyes a better choice when you’re looking to get down quickly or whenever stealth is not an issue. Though both of these eyes have their place, you’ll find that the Stainless Steel Bead Chain Eyes are a superior choice whenever you’re in shallow water or need a soft presentation and Lead Eyes excel when you need to get deep.


Example Flies

Hareline’s Stainless Steel Bead Chain Eyes can be adapted to a variety of different patterns but one of the most popular is the Crazy Charlie. 


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