Hareline Solid Tinsel Chenille

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With their Solid Tinsel Chenille, Hareline makes it nice and easy to add just enough flash to your flies. Made from a combination of rayon fibers and krystal tinsel, Solid Tinsel Chenille is durable and easy to work with. Solid Tinsel Chenille is also available in a ton of different colors, both bold and natural, to make it easy to match the hatch or create a hot attractor pattern. This chenille can be used in saltwater and freshwater flies and is a great choice when you’re looking to easily craft flashy bodies on streamers, shrimp, and bass bugs like the Gurgler. Whether you’re after some feisty smallmouth bass or picky bonefish, Hareline’s Solid Tinsel Chenille is a reliable choice. 



Hareline’s Solid Tinsel Chenille is most commonly used to palmer flashy bodies on Wooly Buggers, streamers, some large nymphs, leeches, large terrestrials, saltwater forage like shrimp and juvenile squid, as well as build flashy underbodies on flies like the Gurgler. Simple to use and available in a ton of colors, Solid Tinsel Chenille enhances the look of any fly you add it to. 



Tinsel Chenille is commonly compared to Estaz. Both Estaz and Tinsel Chenille are corded materials with a flashy appearance, but Tinsel Chenille is a little more uniform than Estaz and also slightly thinner in diameter with slightly shorter fibers. Both of these materials can be used to palmer bodies, but if you’re looking to tie smaller flies or want a less “buggy” appearance, then Solid Tinsel Chenille is the best choice. 


Example Flies

While this material can be worked into a variety of different patterns, the Crystal Bugger is one of the most popular patterns around. 

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