Hareline Snowshoe Rabbit Feet

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A naturally buoyant material that gives a buggy look, Hareline’s Snowshoe Rabbit Feet are an excellent choice for tying anything from emergers to spinners. These high-quality snowshoe rabbit feet are available in natural and dyed color options, and each pack comes with a pair of front and hind feet. Both durable and easy to work with, Snowshoe Rabbit Feet are a material with nearly endless capabilities. Whether you’re enhancing the wing on an Elk Hair Caddis or whipping up a dozen of Fran Betters’ Usual, Hareline’s Snowshoe Rabbit Feet is a material that should always be on the desk.



Hareline’s Snowshoe Rabbit Feet are a versatile tying material with a range of applications. The sole of the feet offers a durable and naturally buoyant material that’s great for wings on emergers, dry flies, spinners, and small hoppers and crickets, while the top of the foot offers a softer fiber that can be blended and dubbed. Coming in a variety of colors, these Snowshoe Rabbit Feet can be used to match just about any insect on the water. 


Since Snowshoe Rabbit Feet is a natural material that floats very well, it’s most often compared to CDC. CDC is a feather with natural floating abilities and Snowshoe Rabbit Feet is a fur, and while they both float very well, Snowshoe Rabbit Feet tends to be a bit more durable and require less maintenance. Snowshoe Rabbit doesn’t require a specific floatant, however, it’s not as easily tied in and doesn’t have the ability to tie small flies as easily as with CDC. While both have their pros and cons, Snowshoe Rabbit Feet are a good choice whenever you need durable buoyancy. 


Example Flies 

Snowshoe Rabbit Feet can be used in a ton of different patterns, but the single most popular fly that uses this material is Fran Betters’ Usual Dry Fly. 


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