Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber

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Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber is the ultimate fly tying material for adding flash and vibrancy to your flies. With its kinky, long-fibered synthetic composition, this versatile product is perfect for creating flashy wings, dubbing loops, and adding shimmer to tails. Available in a wide range of 29 fish-attracting colors, these fibers can enhance any fly pattern with just a few strands.

The Ripple Ice Fiber from Hareline is ideal for various applications, including winging, dubbing brushes, and adding sparkle to streamers, woolly buggers, and nymphs. Its unique texture and length (3 to 4 inches) make it easy to incorporate into your tying process, allowing you to create eye-catching flies with minimal effort. Whether you are tying baitfish patterns or adding flash to Intruder patterns, this material will elevate your fly designs.

New colors were added in June 2018, ensuring that you have the full range of options to match any fishing condition. The compact 3" x 5" pack provides ample material for multiple projects, making it a cost-effective choice for any angler looking to enhance their fly tying arsenal.


  • Versatile Fly Tying Material: Perfect for creating flashy wings, dubbing loops, and adding shimmer to tails.
  • Vibrant Colors: Available in 29 fish-attracting colors, including new additions from June 2018.
  • Long Synthetic Fibers: Kinky, long-fibered material measuring 3 to 4 inches in length, ideal for various fly patterns.
  • Compact Pack: 3" x 5" pack provides plenty of material for multiple fly tying projects.

Why We Like It

We appreciate Hareline Ripple Ice Fiber for its exceptional versatility and vibrant colors. This fly tying material excels in creating eye-catching flies with minimal effort, thanks to its long, kinky fibers that add flash and shimmer. The extensive color range ensures that you can match any fishing condition, making it a valuable addition to your fly tying toolkit. Whether you're crafting intricate dubbing loops or enhancing tails, Ripple Ice Fiber offers the perfect balance of flash and durability, helping you attract more fish on your next outing.

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