Hareline Rabbit Fur Strips

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Hareline Rabbit Fur Strips are crafted from Grade A hides, ensuring the highest quality available in the market. Each pack contains 4 strips, each measuring approximately 10 inches in length and 1/8 inch in width. These rabbit strips are ideal for those new to using rabbit fur or experimenting with new colors. They are also available in assortments of 6 strips per package, with options including natural colors with black, dark colors, or bright colors.

The Hareline Rabbit Fur Strips are perfect for a variety of fly tying applications, particularly for creating salmon and steelhead flies, as well as bass and saltwater patterns in sizes #6-2. These strips are versatile and can be used to make zonkers, double bunnies, egg-sucking leeches, lake leeches, and bull trout dazzlers. Each strip is soft, full, and evenly dyed, providing an attractive movement in the water that is sure to entice fish.

These rabbit strips are considered the workhorses of the rabbit strip line, offering reliable performance and durability for all your fly tying needs. The high-quality material ensures that your flies not only look great but also perform exceptionally well in various fishing conditions.


  • Grade A Hides: Highest quality rabbit fur strips available, ensuring softness and durability.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for creating salmon, steelhead, bass, and saltwater patterns.
  • Ideal for Various Patterns: Perfect for zonkers, leeches, crayfish, and more.
  • Evenly Dyed: Consistent coloring for an attractive appearance and movement in the water.
  • Standard Size: Each strip measures approximately 1/8" wide and 10" long.
  • Multiple Pack Options: Available in packs of 4 strips and assortments of 6 strips in various color options.

Why We Like It

We appreciate Hareline Rabbit Fur Strips for their exceptional quality and versatility. Cut from Grade A hides, these strips are soft, full, and evenly dyed, making them perfect for a wide range of fly patterns. The 1/8” standard strips are particularly well-suited for salmon, steelhead, bass, and saltwater flies, offering excellent performance and durability. The variety of color options and the availability of assortments make these strips a valuable addition to any fly tyer's toolkit, providing endless possibilities for creating effective and attractive flies.

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